Student Support

In line with our vision statement, the College recognises that all students have individual strengths and require support in different areas of their learning and wellbeing.

Student Wellbeing Team

When students begin at the College, they join a network of staff and students who will support them on their learning journey.

Pastoral care underpins our wellbeing strategy and ensures that we take a personal interest in every student.

This care begins within a Homeroom group, led by the Homeroom teacher.

Homeroom groups meet at the beginning of each day. The Pastoral Program, which is also incorporated into aspects of the Religious Education Program, is generally delivered by the Homeroom teacher through pastoral care sessions.

Each Homeroom is under the care of the Year Level Coordinator and Assistant Level Coordinator.

Homeroom teachers are usually the first point of contact between home and school if there is a concern about a student’s welfare or progress, or to explain a student absence.

The Wellbeing team also consists of two psychologists and two wellbeing counsellors who are available to provide professional advice to students.

Wellbeing and Behaviour Management Policy

Our teachers aim to create a learning environment that is supportive and caring. The quality of relationships developed and maintained throughout the school community is crucial to their success.

The College Wellbeing and Behaviour Management Policy embraces restorative practices.

In a single classroom, with students and a teacher, there are many different relationships, so it is no surprise that occasionally there is a need to deal with conflict; relationships break down and need to be ‘restored’.

We respectfully challenge students to reflect on their behaviour and its effect on others. 

Our teachers offer a range of strategies that support students thinking as they work together to resolve conflict or address poor behaviour. 

All our student wellbeing policies contribute to creating a safe and productive learning environment and are available below.

Student wellbeing policies
Catholic Regional College Melton Wellbeing Policy for Students

Catholic Regional College Melton Student Code of Conduct

Catholic Regional College Melton Drug Education Policy
Catholic Regional College Melton Mobile Phone Policy
Catholic Regional College Melton Digital Devices Policy
School Anti Bullying Policy including cyberbullying V1 0 2021