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Weekly Reflection

A Prayer for Advent

God of this Advent time

As we watch, wait, long and hope,

Awaken our hearts to you presence

Encourage us in our efforts to listen humbly to each other

Inspire in us the words to speak boldly with each other

Create within us a spirit of discernment

Give us hopeful hearts as we continue our journey through Advent

We ask this in the name of Emmanuel, God with us.


Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Christmas 2018

The end of the 2018 school year is upon us and our thoughts turn to preparations for Christmas and the school holidays.

Advent is a time in the Church’s year when we can focus on the important things in our lives, our family and friends, people less fortunate than ourselves. In particular, we think of those afflicted by hunger and homelessness, and those people for whom Christmas is a lonely or stressful time and offer our thoughts and our prayers that they too may enjoy this wonderful time of the year. We hope and pray that all in our community will be able to spend some valuable time with their families this Christmas break.

Let us learn from Nazareth that the formation received in the family home is so important and that family life, which is a communion of love, has a sacred character.

May parents, staff and students of CRC Melton school comunuity experience the gift of peace this Christmas and may that peace of Christ endure in your hearts and minds throughout the coming year.

I have included an attachment from Pope Francis on 2018 Advent.

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal - Staff

College Awards Evening

Our College Awards evening will take place this Wednesday, 5th December at TabCorp Park. Students nominated for an award are to be in Full Winter Uniform and to arrive at 6.30pm.

As this is out last newsletter for 2018, I would like to wish all families a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. I thank you for your support in 2018 and look forward to a successful 2019 together.

Year 7-9 End of Year Dates

Year 9 students finish classes on Tuesday, 4th December and then are involved with City Experience activities until Friday, 7th December. Year 7 & 8 students finish classes on Thursday, 6th December with a special last day program on Friday, 7th December concluding at 1:30p.m. The College will run activities until 3:20p.m for those students needing to stay until bus pick up.


On Friday, most Bacchus Marsh Coach buses will come early for a 1:40p.m departure. Town buses (SITA) will not pick up students until normal finishing time. Parents are encouraged to make other arrangements.

2019 Start Dates

Our new Year 7 students will begin the year with an Orientation Day on Friday, 1st February, 2019 with all Year 7 – 12 classes commencing on Monday, 4th February.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

2019 European Tour

There is now one position available on the 2019 European Tour in April, 2019.

The cost of the tour is $6,950, which includes:

  • All flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Tours
  • Travel insurance
  • Five dinners, including a Polish and an Italian cooking class
  • All breakfasts

The Tour will visit Krakow in Poland, with tours of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Oscar Schinder's factory and much more. From there, we will travel to Italy to visit Venice, hike the Cinque Terra, go to the Leaning Tower, see the greatest collection of art on the planet, stay in the Italian countryside and witness the glory of Rome with its ancient wonders, like the Colosseum and it's more recent additions of St Peter's and the Renaissance art that makes up the city's structure. In addition to the sights, we will soak up the experience of being in another country with its food, shopping and points of interest everywhere.

Students attending this tour will stay with a family from our Italian sister school in Cividale del Friuli for a number of nights.

If you are interested in sending your child, please email Paul Iannazzo at

In order to be eligible, students:

  • Must be in Years 9 - 12 in 2019
  • Families must be fully up to date with their school fees
  • Have a reasonable standard of behaviour - in consultation with relevant Year Level Coordinators

You do not need to be studying or speak Italian.

Payment for the tour will need to be made almost immediately.

Paul Iannazzo

Tour Organiser

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