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Weekly Reflection

For Red Wednesday - Persecution of Christians

Almighty God,

You have warned us through your Son Jesus Christ that those who follow Him may be oppressed and abused because of their faith.

We ask that you comfort and give courage to all your children who fall victims to unjust imprisonment, physical harm and intimidation at the hands of their oppressors.

For those who have given their lives in the fight for freedom to openly share and live out their faith, may they be welcomed into your warm embrace.

For those who persecute our brothers and sisters, may their spirits be touched by the incredible faith of those who they attack. And may they turn away from sin and open their hearts to your love.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

On Wednesday evening, the College’s Performing Arts Centre will be bathed in red light, to mirror St Patrick’s Cathedral, the venue at 7.30pm for an ecumenical service.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal


On Friday night we farewelled the class of 2018 with a dinner and dancing. Students enjoyed an evening with friends family and teachers as they said their final farewells to CRC Melton. We wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Western Edge Cluster Vocational Education & Training Awards

It was great to see so many of our students receive awards last Tuesday at the Western Edge Cluster Vocational Education & Training Awards at TabCorp Park. See below for names of students who received an award.

Mushroom Music Workshop

Recently a group of students participated in the Mushroom Group music workshops held at the College. The students had the opportunity to work with musicians and industry people to write and record their own music. We’re are pleased to announce a number of CRC Melton students have been selected by the Mushroom group for recording opportunities. The students will be recording their group’s original track they wrote in the workshops.

Congratulations to the following students and we look forward to hearing their tracks in the near future:

  • Shannon Tuilaepa
  • Hanamoa Maiava
  • Rebekah-Mae Tipanero
  • Regina Laumata

Daily Mass

During the month of December, Daily Mass will be offered only on 12th -14th December. Daily Mass will resume at the beginning of Term 1 in February 2019.

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal (Staff)

2019 Subject Selections

All Year 9 and Year 10 subject selections should now be finalised.

Year 11 & Year 12 subjects need to be finalised by the end of the Jumpstart period to ensure students have access to the work that needs to be completed before students start classes next year.

Term 4 Key Dates

VCE Year 11 and 12 2019 Jumpstart runs until Friday, 30th November. The Year 11 and 12 Farewell Mass takes place Friday afternoon.

2019 VCAL Jumpstart

VCAL 2019 Jumpstart (Foundation, Intermediate & Senior) will operate from this Wednesday, November 28 (when all students will undertake their 2019 VET Induction) until Friday, 30th November. Attendance at Jumpstart is compulsory and will go towards 2019 VCAL attendance. During Jumpstart students will be working through outcomes and will require their iPAD. Students are required to be in full summer uniform, not sports uniform.

Year 7 - 9 Finish Dates

Year 9 students finish classes on Tuesday, 4th December and then are involved with City Experience activities until Friday, December 7. Year 7 and 8 students finish classes on Thursday, 6th December with a special last day program on Friday, 7th December concluding at 1.30pm.

College Awards Night

College Awards Night will take place on Wednesday, 5th December at TabCorp Park.

2019 Start Dates

Year 7 students will begin the year with an Orientation Day on Friday, 1st February, with all Year 7 – 12 classes starting on Monday, 4th February.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

VET Awards

The Western Edge Cluster Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards where held on Tuesday the 20th November at Tabcorp Park.

The VET awards evening acknowledges the commitment and efforts of students from the Western Edge Cluster with respect to their Vocational Education and Training.

Melton Catholic Regional College are delighted to have had several students be the recipients of these awards.

Congratulations to Harris Leiataua who was awarded the prestigious ‘Josh Linder Award’. This award is a symbolic acknowledgment of a student who was able to ‘Overcome Learn and Succeed’.

Congratulation to Denielle Lastra who was awarded the ‘Principals Award’ for exemplar in attitude, behaviour and committment to completing their studies to the best of their abilities.

Congratulations to students that excelled in their chosen vocational field. They are as follows:

Applied Fashion Design & Technology

Most Improved - Year 1 - Mcayla Duarte

Early Childhood Education & Care

Endeavour Award- Year 2 - Taylah Farr


Most Improved - Year 2 - Cooper Rhondes


Outstanding Award – Year 2 - Denielle Lastra

Health Services Assistance

Most Improved Award- Year 1 - Josephine Mwaka

Most Improved Award- Year 2 - Erin Salmon

Outstanding Award – Year 1 - Nicole Portelli


Endeavour Award- Year 2 - Antonino Gianino

Outstanding Award – Year 2 - Patrick Elander


Endeavour Award- Year 2 - Harris Leiataua

Most Improved Award- Year 2 - Justin Webster

Bianca Mifsud

VET Coordinator

Wigs for Kids

On Monday 26th November, five Year 12 students, Mrs Bourke and one of the students mums, Natalie Rabottini cut their hair to make Wigs for Kids. Nearly 1kg of hair was cut off and over $1000 has been raised and will go towards kids with cancer. Anyone that donated was able to cut a plait from someone’s head and many of the staff enjoyed cutting the hair. Thank you to everyone who donated and well done to Danielle Sultana, Liv Mifsud, Olivia Rabottini, Natalie Rabottini, Khaw Ti Ling and Cheyenne Llanes for cutting their hair.

Natalie Bourke


Holiday Reading

If you have seem some time and would like to read a good book...or two...or three, why not check out the great collection of eBooks available to you using the eBook Platform from Wheelers.

This book collection is available to you as a member of the CRC Melton community. It works well on a range of devices but is most suited to your College iPad.

Now that you are logged on, you can browse the thousands of titles available and borrow what you would like to read.

Belinda Brown

Library Technician

2019 European Tour

There is now one position available on the 2019 European Tour in April, 2019.

The cost of the tour is $6,950, which includes:

  • All flights
  • Accomodation
  • Transfers
  • Tours
  • Travel insurance
  • Five dinners, including a Polish and an Italian cooking class
  • All breakfasts

The Tour will visit Krakow in Poland, with tours of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Oscar Schinder's factory and much more. From there, we will travel to Italy to visit Venice, hike the Cinque Terra, go to the Leaning Tower, see the greatest collection of art on the planet, stay in the Italian countryside and witness the glory of Rome with its ancient wonders, like the Colosseum and it's more recent additions of St Peter's and the Renaissance art that makes up the city's structure. In addition to the sights, we will soak up the experience of being in another country with its food, shopping and points of interest everywhere.

Students attending this tour will stay with a family from our Italian sister school in Cividale del Friuli for a number of nights.

If you are interested in sending your child, please email Paul Iannazzo at

In order to be eligible, students:

  • Must be in Years 9 - 12 in 2019
  • Families must be fully up to date with their school fees
  • Have a reasonable standard of behaviour - in consultation with relevant Year Level Coordinators

You do not need to be studying or speak Italian.

Payment for the tour will need to be made almost immediately.

World Youth Day

To celebrate World Youth Day here in Melbourne, the Archdiocesan Office for Youth is partnering with the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community to host the 2019 Summer School of Evangelisation – World Youth Day at Home.

For over 30 years Summer School has been serving the needs of young people around Australia through a week long retreat into the powerful experience of the Holy Spirit, opening up possibilities for deepening faith, joy, freedom and passion for the Gospel of Jesus. In 2019, the Summer School will coincide with World Youth Day week in Panama and will be our World Youth Day at Home experience. We will be reflecting together with Pope Francis and pilgrims around the world on the theme: “Yes Lord, your will be done”.

We are excited to share that Bishop Mark Edwards will be present for the whole of the Summer School, and many World Youth Day elements will be part of the week, including Catechesis with Bishops, a Stations of the Cross, and inspiration from Pope Francis. The week brings together young people from urban and rural parts of the state, and offers a welcoming experience for young people who may have had little encounter with the Church

The Summer School is taking place from 20 January – 27 January 2019 at PGL Campaspe Downs, 1302 Trentham Rd, Kyneton. Registration is now open for young people aged 16-35 years. To register, go to click here.

Concept Maps

How can concept maps be used to support mapping of knowledge?

Information for learning can be processed and stored in memory in two possible ways: through language (spoken words or written text) or nonverbally, (mental image or physical experience) (Paivio, 1991). The main way that new knowledge is presented to students in the classroom is orally (Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock (2001)). However, it been found that showing students how to use imagery to represent information not only stimulates but also increases activity in the brain (Marzano, 1998). As students try to convey what they know and understand in visual ways, they are forced to draw together what they have learned; see how ideas, information, and concepts are connected; develop higher-order thinking skills (e.g., analytical thinking); and organise their knowledge in a way that makes sense to others. Visual representations also help students remember and recall information more easily.

Visual representations can be created as concept maps. Concept maps help students to “read” and understand complex information and relationships more easily. They also help students to generate ideas, structure their thoughts, and learn how to represent what they know in an easy to read way. In constructing concept maps students master understanding of the topic, perceive relationships between concepts, and prioritise information. Concept maps can also be a useful device to assess student knowledge pre and post learning experience. Concept maps help students see patterns and connections (rather than memorise facts) and form mental structures that would help them handle new knowledge and relate it to past knowledge (Erickson, 2002).

There are differing ways to construct concept maps although most methods generally follow these steps:

1. Identify the main ideas or concepts presented in a text as you read. Concepts are represented as labelled circles or boxes.
2. Organise the concepts into categories. The organisation may change as you continue to read and add more information.
3. Use lines or arrows on the map to represent how ideas are connected to one another, a particular category, and/or the main concept. Lines are labeled with verbs in order to specify the relationships between concepts, while arrows are used to show the direction of the relationship (e.g., one-way or two-way). Limit the amount of information on the map to avoid frustration.
4. When the map is complete, students are encouraged to share and reflect on how they made the connections between concepts and to use the concept map to summarise the text, plan a work requirement or study for a test.


Paivio, A. (1991). Dual coding theory: Retrospect and current status. Canadian Journal of Psychology/Revue canadienne de psychologie, 45(3), 255-287.

RJ Marzano, D Pickering, JE Pollock (2001). Classroom instruction that works: Research-based strategies for increasing student achievement

Marzano, R. (1998) A Theory-based Meta-analysis of Research on Instruction. Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory

By H. Lynn Erickson. (2002) Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching Beyond the Facts. Corwin Press Inc

Mala Ferdinando

Speech Pathology for Schools

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