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Weekly Reflection

Feast of St Teresa of Calcutta

After her death on Sept. 5, 1997, Mother Teresa was canonized as a Saint in a ceremony at the St Peter’s Square in Vatican City in September 2016 by Pope Francis.

Here are a few inspirational quotes by Mother Teresa:

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grow in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

“Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.”

“One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.”


Saint Teresa, you promised to continuously bring the light of love to those on earth; pray for us that we also may long to satiate the burning thirst of Jesus by loving Him ardently, sharing in His sufferings joyfully, and serving Him wholeheartedly in our brothers and sisters, especially those most unloved and unwanted. Amen

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Royal South Street Competition

On Tuesday 28th August, our Ensemble Choir performed in the Royal South Street Competition in Ballarat. They placed 3rd in their division which was a fabulous result for their first outing together. Congratulations to all the students involved and to Ms. Amy Bandeira for coordinating the event.

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal - Staff

2019 VCE Subjects

Please note that due to low student numbers, Year 12 Australian History, Year 11 Australian & Global Politics, Geography, Outdoor Education, Dance and Lab Skills will not run in 2019. VCE Subject blockings are progressing and students will be advised of their initial allocations in the coming weeks.

2019 Year 9 Subject Selections

Next years elective choices are due into Homeroom Teachers for current Year 8 students by tomorrow, 5th September. After this date, WebPreferences will be closed and students will have to submit hard copies, which will not be included in the first round of elective allocations.

Public Ettiquette

Families and students are reminded that whilst in College uniform to and from school, students are subject to our College behavioural expectations. If using a town bus, they are expected to offer their seats to adults, in particular elderly people or parents with children. Language should also reflect our College expectations.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

These will take place after school on Tuesday 18th September (4–7pm) and Thursday 20th September (4–8:30pm). These Interviews will link to the Term 3 Interim Reports that will be available next week. Information on how to book interviews will be in next week’s newsletter.

End of Term

Please note that Friday, 21st September is the last day of Term 3. This day will be a Staff Professional Learning Day and therefore no classes will be operating.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

From the Director of Learning

NAPLAN Results

NAPLAN results for all Year 7 and 9 students were released late last week. Parents/Carers will receive a personal NAPLAN result in the coming weeks. The report will describe each student’s particular skills in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. The report will also show performance in relation to national minimum standards. These describe the minimum acceptable standards for students across Australia. This report should be kept as it may be required in later years for scholarship applications or change of schools.

It was pleasing to note that the College has shown a noticeable improvement on student achievement in the Year 9 Numeracy, Reading and Spelling tests. The College believes the Maths program in Year 7 to 9 has improved not only student ability in Maths, but also their confidence and belief in their ability to succeed in maths learning.

We continue to encourage all parents/carers to set up an evening routine for their student that includes some reading for pleasure time each day. The reading for pleasure time set aside for all Year 7 to 10 students during the school day, along with a variety of focused literacy initiatives from each Domain, is believed to have contributed to the increase in achievement on the literacy tests at Year 9. Melton Library is a great resource for students to access a range of reading material, including an electronic library that may be accessed from home.

Congratulations to all Year 7 and 9 students on their efforts with NAPLAN this year.

Parent Access Module

You will have previously read about the update that has occurred on the Parent Access Module (PAM) that enables it to email parents when a teacher assigns a letter to a student. This means parents will receive instant notification of the assignment of a variety of letters, including Unsatisfactory Performance Letters, Attendance Letters, N Redemption Letters and VCE N Letters. These letters allow parents to monitor their student’s academic performance and support the achievement of successful academic outcomes for their student. To ensure you are receiving this very important correspondence from the College, please ensure the email registered on PAM is correct and monitored daily.

Narelle Layton

Director of Learning

CRC Confirmation

Last week four of our students celebrated their Confirmation at St Anthony of Padua in Melton South.

Nicholas Alfonsi and Anthony Cariolo from Year 7 were joined by Baylie Maple and Liam Machado from Year 8 for what was a wonderful evening. The boys were thankful for their preparation for this sacrament which was overseen by Sr Mary Sarah.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

Mathematics News

What is Maths Anxiety?

You may have heard of the term Maths Anxiety and wondered what it means?

Last Friday 24th August afternoon, 3AW invited callers to discuss their experience and discussed the differences between long term maths anxiety and anxiety in the moment.

Maths anxiety is the type of anxiety that is experienced when maths is part of someone’s immediate environment, for example, when a student is doing homework or completing a maths quiz. Long term anxiety is more enduring and relates to how threatening the individual perceives maths to be.

On Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July, I commenced working with our feeder school leaders at the Australian Council for Educational Research on what Maths Anxiety is and how we can help students (and teachers) who experience this. This is a long term project that we are working on in conjunction with St Anthony’s, St Bernard’s, St. Catherines and St. Dominic’s Primary Schools Numeracy leaders.

ICAS UNSW Global Assessment Papers in Mathematics

Thankyou to all students who participated in the ICAS UNSW Global Assessment papers that were conducted in the second week of August. ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. It is an additional way to better understand what students can and can’t do at a point in time and track learning as students’ progress from year to year. This year we had participation from students in Years 7-10.

Over one million student entries are accepted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually. In addition, students from over 20 countries including Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA participate in ICAS each year.

Silvana Nuspan

Domain Leader - Mathematics

Humanities News

Unit 2 Legal Studies Excursion

On August 27 the Unit 2 Legal Studies students visited the Melbourne Magistrates Court and the Victorian Parliament. At the courts, the students had the opportunity to observe the court in action. They witnessed a committal hearing, some summary cases, intervention applications, adjournments and many other court procedures. At the parliament, the students participated in a role play and had the opportunity to sit in the lower house chamber of the Victorian Parliament. It was an excellent opportunity for our students to experience the law-making institutions of Victoria first hand.

Student acknowledgment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History and Culture

Earlier in the term, CRC Melton celebrated NAIDOC week where students were encouraged to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture. Students from each year level cut a copy of their hand out in a colour that represented either the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flag. For example, Year 7 students hands are all represented by yellow, Year 8 red, Year 9 black, Year 10 blue, Year 11 royal blue and Year 12 white. We collected approximately 700 hands and collated them into the artwork displayed. This representation of student work is now proudly displayed in the foyer of our school.

Daniela Harrington

Domain Leader - Humanities


On Wednesday 29th August, the Year 7 students were immersed in a Languages Day. We are blessed to be part of a multicultural community and we wanted to celebrate everything which encompasses languages. We are all proud of the heritage we come from.

The students danced, painted, made masks, competed in competitions, played bingo and musical instruments. We also of course, ate gelati and pizza. The Indonesian activities were very entertaining and so too was the Italian Drama show. I think we all now know how to make gnocchi, in a hilarious manner.

Congratulations to 11O who won the Languages Quiz and a big thank you to the Year 7 students for your enthusiasm. The day was highly successful and we look forward to what 2019 will bring.

Claudia Russo

LOTE Coordinator

VCE and Year 10 Drama Performance Night

The Year 11 and Year 10 Drama classes will be presenting their solo and group performances. All families and friends of Catholic Regional College are welcome to support the students.

As the students performing will be assessed on this same evening, it is imperative that standard theatre etiquette is observed. In line with this, it would be advisable that babies or small children do not attend.

Venue: CRC Melton, Performing Arts Centre

Date: Monday 17th September

Time: 6:30pm SHARP

Ashlee Hughes

Drama Teacher

Unit 3/4 Practice Exams

All students who are undertaking a Unit 3/4 subject will be expected to attend practice exams scheduled in the school holidays and first two days of Term 4.

These will be held in the Trade Training Centre. VCAA invigilators will be ensuring the exams are run smoothly, with staff members available on campus to supervise students also.

Students can wear casual clothes for the holiday exams, but must wear the school uniform for exams over the two days in Term 4.

These practice exams will provide students with the invaluable opportunity of sitting fully timed exams under the conditions they will experience in Oct/Nov for their VCAA examinations.

If you have any questions, please email

Carissa Lock

VCE Coordinator

Artist in Residence Program

On 18th and 19th June and 27th and 28th August, Catholic Regional College had an Artist in Residence Program operate during the Year 7 Art classes. Serena Geddes, an international book illustrator and animator conducted a number of drawing and painting workshops for the students. Serena has helped bring to life numerous Walt Disney sequels such as Peter Pan: Return to Neverland, The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. She has also illustrated numerous books for many American Publishers such as the Lulu Bell and Misty Inn Series. Serena displayed a folio of her work to view and admire, in order to help motivate many of the young aspiring artists at our school and to encourage them to dabble in their own artistic practice. The students were thoroughly engaged and mesmerized by Serena’s skills and talent. She taught them many drawing and watercolour painting techniques such as blending, rendering, shape building and colour mixing. This program allowed the students to draw from their imagination and to communicate their ideas in a creative manner. Artworks from this activity are displayed at front reception in order to celebrate the students’ achievements.

Artwork 1 by Serena Geddes: “A Lion Wearing a Coat Knitting”
Artwork 2 by Olivia Beck (7C): “An Elephant Wearing Glasses Washing the Windows”
Artwork 3 by Andre Nguyen (7C): “A Giraffe Wearing Rollerblades Knitting”
Artwork 4 by Serena Geddes: “A Cat Wearing Rollerblades Teaching to Monsters”

Jennifer Segrave

Art Teacher

Watan - Special Movie Event

Watan a film by James L Brown

Watan (Homeland) explores two of the biggest refugee camps in Jordan - Zaatari and Azraq - along with neighbouring city Jerash, to paint intimate portraits of the men, women, and children who have found themselves there. Through observation of daily life, Watan builds a simple yet powerful series of interwoven stories that go beyond the statistics to find the human heart of the refugee crisis. These are stories of sadness, fear, beauty, and surprises: from a young woman raising a family that is not hers, to a seventeen-year-old concreter, an all-women's filmmaking class, a boy who finds meaning through football, and more.

Watan seeks to inspire action through connection, empathy, and recognition, in a way that allows these people to speak for themselves. It shines a much-needed light on the human stories at the centre of the global debate of immigration and asylum, giving a voice to the Syrian refugees in Jordan

When: Tuesday 11th September at 7pm - 8pm

Where: Catholic Regional College, Performing Arts Centre 109-141 Bulmans Rd, Melton West

Cost: Gold Coin Donation – Money raised will be donated to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre

Due to limited seating, please reserve your seat through. Trybooking using the following link.

For further information, contact Kerrie-Ann Matthews 8099 6000.

Kerrie-Ann Matthews

Director of Community Relations

Youth Group and Family BBQ & Fun Night

The Missionaries of Love and Peace will be hosting a new Youth Group and Youth and Family BBQ & Fun Night.

We hope to bring together Catholic youth in the Spirit of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary where we can share our beloved Faith in an environment of friendship and fun. Should you wish to make any enquiries, please feel free to email or call us on the email and mobile listed on the adverts attached.

Melton City Council News

Teenage Holiday Program

The Teenage Holiday Program will be running from 24th September til 7th October.

Bookings open at 10:30am on Thursday 13th September. Bookings will only be accepted by Customer Service on 9747 7200. Please don’t call earlier than the booking date/time as customer service will kindly ask you to call back on the time mentioned above.

Due to the popular demand of the program and to make sure there is equity amongst all participants, each participant can only book a maximum of 2 activities on the booking day. Additional activities requested will be added to a waiting list. Participants who are on the waiting list will be notified if a spot becomes available after the booking date.

Please find attached documents with more information including the flyer and registration forms. It must be filled out to be able to attend the program.

Melton Basketball Tournament

3x3 Basketball Tournament - Registrations now open!

These school holidays, get the kids busy and moving. Boys and girls aged 10-17 at any skill level welcome. The tournament will be split into 3 age groups, U/13's (min. age 10 years), 15's and 17's.

Cost: $8 per player, 4 players per team, guaranteed 3 games.

See attached registration form and flyer for more information.

Melton City Council

Map Your Future Programs

Map Your Future aims to assist young people with a disability with planning for their future by defining and understanding their goals and developing skills around self-advocacy, particularly in relation to the NDIS. The program aims to give young people more clear direction around their personal goals and expectations and build confidence around decision-making and speaking up for themselves.

We are running two Map Your Future workshops in September:

1. Woodend Neighbourhood House on 11 September 2018 (4PM-8PM)

2. Darley Civic & Community Hub on 27 September 2018 (12.30PM-4.30PM)

The program is free of cost for students aged 16-25. Participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the program.

Registration is availble to young people with disabilities via the following registration link:


Program Information:

For young people, navigating the opportunities and challenges of leaving school, embarking upon further education, venturing through a world of changing relationships and making decisions around employment and community engagement can be very exciting, but also very overwhelming. For young people with a disability, interacting with systems such as the NDIS can add further complexity which can leave young people battling just to get through each day, rather than positively planning for the future.

Map Your Future is designed to give participants a clearer understanding of what they are progressing towards, and then assist the participant to connect their goals with the potential support offered by the NDIS, as well as providing valuable skills around self-advocacy and speaking up.

How does the program run?

  • 4 hour group workshop
  • 3 x one-to-one coaching calls (via Skype, phone or in person). Each call could take up to one hour

MYF provides participants the opportunity to workshop their goals and planning with other young people, as well as to receive supportive and specific one on one coaching on how to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

For more information, contact Emily Tester at

Youth Disability Advocacy Service

Koorie Kids Dental Day

See attached flyer for the Koorie Kids Dental Day at Melton Health Dental Department on Monday 1st October. Bookings can be made by contacting Charry on 8746 1511 or email:

This service is available to Melton Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

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