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Weekly Reflection

Come, O Spirit of God

And make within us your dwelling place and home.

May our darkness be dispelled by your light,

And our troubles calmed by your peace;

May all evils be redeemed by your love,

All pain transformed through the suffering of Christ,

And all dying glorified by his risen life. Amen.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

On Tuesday Bishop Mark Edwards celebrated Mass with our school community and officially opened our new Sports Stadium. Fr Michael Moody from Melton and Fr Joseph Panackal from Melton South concelebrated Mass with Bishop Mark.

Today I was filled with enormous gratitude as the College announced that the new Sports Stadium will be named Sheehan Stadium.

In his homily Bishop Mark mentioned the story of Eric Liddell. Eric, a devout Christian and Scottish athlete, competed in the Paris 1924 Olympic Games and was featured in the films ‘Chariots of Fire’. In Paris Liddell refused to run in the heats for his favoured sprint because they were held on a Sunday, the Lord’s day. Instead he competed in the 400 metres held on a weekday, a race that he won. Liddell said the following regarding competitive running:

‘I have no formula for winning the race. Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way. And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end? From within. Jesus said, 'Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. If with all your hearts, you truly seek me, you shall ever surely find me.' If you commit yourself to the love of Christ, then that is how you run a straight race.'

It is in a spirit like Eric Liddell’s that we would like our current and future students here at CRC Melton to compete in this our marvellous new stadium.

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal - Students

Project Rockit – Digital Workshop 21st May

Last Tuesday we hosted the inaugural Project Rockit Digital Workshop for a group of students across Years 7 to 9 from nine schools in the western suburbs. CRC was represented by our SRC students. Schools participating in the workshop with our students were CRC North Keilor, Overnewtown Anglican Community College, Point Cook P-12 College, Copperfield College, Sunbury Downs College, Westbourne Grammar, Pascoe Vale Girls College and Melbourne Girls Grammar. The students came from a very broad and diverse community, providing a rich and enlightening experience for all involved.

We have been working with the Project Rockit team for the past eight years in Years 7 & 8 addressing the issues of bullying and online bullying. Project Rockit in partnership with Facebook and Instagram recently launched their Digital Workshop in an endeavour to grow 10,000 Digital Ambassadors from 600 schools in 40 communities across Australia. As a result of our connection with Project Rockit we were invited to host the first Digital Ambassador workshop across the country.

The workshop brought together students from different schools to grow a generation of digital ambassadors for school and wider online communities, who are equipped with the empathy and skills to tackle online hate and lead a better, kinder digital world. The program provides youth-driven training of young people focussed on building peer networks to create supportive online communities. Together with ongoing online resources, Digital Ambassadors are equipped with the tools to spark their own school-based social action and are empowered to build a safer, kinder digital world.

The students involved in the workshop have the opportunity to plug into a powerful movement of over 300,000 other young people who are united, prepared and ready to stand up to bullying - on and offline.

Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal Students

From the Deputy Principal - Staff

VCE Unit 3/Year 12 VCAL Parent Student Teacher Interviews

A VCE Unit 3 Parent Student Teacher Interview evening will be held on Thursday, 6th June between 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Interviews will be booked through our Parent Access Module (PAM). Normal classes will operate during the day. Interview bookings will open this Thursday, May 30.

It is expected that students attend interviews with their parents/guardians.

Years 7 & 8

Apart from Timed Assessment Tasks that will operate in normal class times, all Year 7 & 8 students will do a Timed Assessment Task in Mathematics blocks and English at the same times. These assessment tasks will take place during normal timetabled class. These are listed below:


3rd June


4th June


4th June


5th June


Period 2


Period 1

Yr 7 Maths


Period 1


Period 3

Yr 8 Maths


Period 2


Period 4

CRC Federation Mass Day

Families are asked to note that Friday, 31st May is the CRC Federation Mass day where staff from all five Regional Colleges come together for Mass and reflection. The morning will be used for our staff to participate in Child Safety and Disability updates. Students are not required at school on this day.

Semester 2 Subject / Electives Changes

All Year 9 and 10 students will receive copies of their Semester 2 electives next week. After reviewing with parents, requests for changes to Semester 2 electives must be emailed directly to myself at between Monday, 27th May and Friday, 7th June. In the email, students need to nominate the electives they wish to change from and change to, along with a reason. I will then email students times to follow up on requests. Note that all changes are subject to blocking clashes, class sizes, selection requirements and payment of current subject levies.

Year 11 students will be able to investigate any Unit 2 subject changes from Monday, 3rd June. Students must first talk to their subject teacher before requesting a time to meet with Mrs Dickson, Pathways Coordinator. Once a pathway plan has been approved, students can complete a 'Change of Subject' Form. All changes must be applied for and processed by Friday, 21st June.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

Sports News

Year 7 Premier League

On 15th May we played our third round of Premier League against MacKillop College. MacKillop is always a strong successful team, so we knew we were up for a challenging day. Our Year 7s played great and we had some very close competitive games. Five of our teams won, which was a fantastic effort.

Won Girls Netball 35-29

Won Girls Volleyball 3-0

Won Boys Volleyball 3-2

Won Girls Soccer 5-0

Won Boys Soccer 6-4

Lost Boys Basketball 18-60

Lost Girls Basketball 12-67

Lost Boys AFL 1-97

Last week on 22nd May, we played our fourth round against Emmanuel College. It was an extremely tough day for our Year 7s with only one of our teams winning. They were by far the most difficult teams we have played. We did have our Girls Volleyball win which leaves them undefeated heading into the last round. We have our last round tomorrow before teams are notified if they made the semi-finals or not. The results are as follows.

Lost Girls Netball 15-23

Won Girls Volleyball 3-1

Lost Boys Volleyball 0-3

Lost Girls Soccer 0-4

Lost Boys Soccer 0-5

Lost Boys Basketball 11-44

Lost Girls Basketball 18-47

Lost Boys AFL 13-64

Jordyn Syme

Head of Sport

Book Reviews

How to Make Friends with the Dark By Kathleen Glasgow

It's the brightest day of summer and it's dark outside. It's dark in your house, dark in your room, and dark in your heart. You feel like the darkness is going to split you apart. Here is what happens when your mother dies. That's how it feels for Tiger. It's always been Tiger and her mother against the world. Then, on a day like any other, Tiger's mother dies. And now it's Tiger, alone. Here is how you learn to make friends with the dark.

To Night Owl, From Dogfish By Meg Wolitzer & Holly Goldberg Sloan

Told almost entirely through emails, this is the exuberant, funny story of two girls who try to get their gay fathers back together. It's a novel about the true meaning of family, written by two exceptional and beloved authors. Avery Bloom is anxious and academic and afraid of the water. Bett Devlin is brash and athletic and loves to surf. The only things they seem to have in common are their age – twelve – and the fact that their dads have fallen in love with each other. Now their dads are sending them to the same sleepaway camp, against their will, so that they can become friends. But when the girls reluctantly grow to like each other and start looking forward to becoming a family, their dads fall out of love. Can Avery and Bett figure out a way to bring their fathers back together now that they can't imagine a life without a stepsister?

Library Team

CRC Melton Social Volleyball Competition

This competition is ready to go… just needs you!

Have fun, develop new skills, make new friends! Play a wonderful game in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We are looking to start this competition in Term 3.

Who can play?

Anyone from the CRC Melton community - current students, family members, staff, ex-students. Referees will be provided.

When will it happen?

From 5.30pm on Thursday evenings following Volleyschool.

What do I need to wear?

Appropriate sporting footwear and any suitable clothing. No need for team uniforms.

How long are the games?

Games will be 3 sets in duration to allow for a schedule to be prepared. A schedule will be created once the number of teams are known.

How do I join?

You can create your own team (6 minimum) or join as an individual and we will match you up with other players to help form teams. Simply contact Michael Hill at CRC Melton (

What does it cost?

The team at Western Region Volleyball would be running the competition. The cost would be $70 for the term (about 8 or 9 matches), however it does depend on the number of teams entered. The cost per Term for those doing Volleyschool (4.00pm – 5.30pm) AND playing in a team would be $165. A saving of $25!

So, talk with your fellow students and family members and see who would like to join in and have great fun playing a great game in the fantastic new stadium.

Please contact me to express interest or ask any questions via email at

Michael Hill

Volleyball Coach

Foster Care Information Evening

Anglicare Victoria is looking for people who have a place in their heart for a child in need of a safe home. Care can be short term or long term.

See attached flyer for event details.

Jessica Watson

Angelicare Foster Care Recruitment Worker

001-FosterCare-InfoSession-schoolAd-2019-MeltonSouth-V4-11-JULY-1.pdf (0.42Mb)

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