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Weekly Reflection


Sometimes I feel bewildered by the world.
I don't understand how there can be such richness beside such poverty.
Help me to be generous and thoughtful of others.
I feel upset when I hear others cruel words or see hatred or prejudice.
Help me to be loving and accepting of all I meet.
Sometimes I feel down about the pressure on young people to succeed.
Lord, in this confusing world
Help me to look to you
And stay hopeful and happy


Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Principal's Review

I am up for a Review this year as it’s my tenth year as Principal at CRC Melton. The Review Panel are:

Mrs Patricia Cowling Principal Consultant, CEM

Ms Christina Urti Principal CRC St Albans

Mr Damian McKee Principal Clonard College, Geelong

If you wish to provide input into the Review process, please email my Personal Assistant Samantha at


Each year NAPLAN testing attracts a lot of interest in the media and wider community and this doesn’t help many students and their families who are anxious about these tests. My general advice about NAPLAN is to approach it as ‘business as normal’ as it's meant to be informative about student learning- it’s not a test whose results will significantly impact on one’s future life choices.

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal - Staff

Upcoming Events

This Friday, 18th May is a Staff Professional Learning day, and thus no classes will operate.

Monday, 11th June is the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday.

Unit 2 and Unit 4 Studies begin on Tuesday, 14th June.

Travel Safety

We remind all students to be vigilant in their travels to and from school. There have been reports of students being offered lifts by an unknown male in the Melton West area.

Mid-year Exams and Times Assessment Tasks (TAT)

Years 7 & 8

Apart from TAT's that will operate in normal class times, all Year 7 & 8 students will do a TAT in Mathematics blocks and English at the same times. These assessment tasks will take place in Homeroom groups and take the place of the normally timetabled class. These are listed below.


4th June


5th June


6th June


8th June

Yr. 7 Maths

HR A – C

Period 1

Yr. 7 English

Period 2

Yr. 8 Maths

HR A – C

Period 3

Yr. 7 Maths

HR D - R

Per 2

Yr. 8 English

Period 3

Yr. 8 Maths

HR D - R

Period 1

Year 9

Year 9 students will undertake assessment tasks beginning Tuesday, 14th June. Elective assessments (TATs) will take place in normally scheduled class times. Exams in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities will take place in the Osma Centre on the following dates.


14th June


15th June


18th June


20th June


Period 1


Periods 2 & 3


Period 1


Period 1

Year 10 & 11 Exams

Year 11 students will undertake VCE Unit 1 exams from Thursday, 14th June to Friday, 22nd June. Year 10 students will also have exams during this time.

  • All Year 10 & 11 exams will take place in our Padua exam centre
  • Students are only required at school when they have exams
  • Supervised study rooms will operate for students who need or wish to be at school during non-exam periods
  • Students will be expected to wear full college uniform when present for exams
  • Students need to be at the College at least 15 minutes before the published starting times to ensure smooth entry into the exam venues
  • Friday, 22nd June is allocated as a catch up day for any students who need to complete a missed exam or not completed subject outcome


Thursday 14th June

Friday 15th June

Monday 18th June

Tuesday 19th June

Wednesday 20th June

Thursday 21st June

Friday 22nd June

8.50am – 10.15am

(75 + 10 min)

Yr. 10

(75 + 10 min)

11 Maths Foundation

11 General Maths 1

11 Methods 1 Run

Normal Year 10 classes

Period 1

10 RE

(70 + 5min)

10 Core Maths

10 Core Plus

10 Pre-Foundation

11 Spec Maths 2

11 HHD

10 Geography

10 Newton Sparks a Starwar

10 Political Law

11 Biology

10 Business & Commerce

10 Chemistry in Environment

11 General Maths 2

11 Methods 2

Year 10 & 11 Assessment Catch Up Day

10.50am – 12.15pm

(75 + 10 min)

Yr. 10

(75 + 10)

10 English

(130 mins)

Finish 1pm

11 English

(130 mins)

Finish 1pm

11 History

(90 + 10 min)

11 Spec. Maths 1

10 VCD

10 Media

11 Literature

(100 mins)

11 Accounting

11 Computing

10 Science

11 Language

(100 mins)

11 Media

10 Psych

11 Physical Education

11 Drama

10 Drama

10 Outdoor Ed

10 Wood

1.55pm – 3.20pm

(75 + 10 min)

Yr. 10

(75 + 10min)

11 VCD

11 VET Sport & Rec

10 Art

10 Engineering

11 Legal Studies

11 Wood

10 Advanced PE

11 Physics

11 Psychology

10 Hospitality

11 Business Management

10 Dance

10 History

11 Food Technology

10 Cells to Creatures

11 Chemistry

11 Studio Arts

10 Food

Years 11 & 12 - VCAA General Achievement Task (GAT)

All Year 12 VCE Students and any Year 11 students undertaking a Unit 3/4 study must sit the GAT on Wednesday, 13th June as below:

10.00am – 1.15pm



Year 10 VINCIT and Year 11 & 12 VCAL students will follow their normal programs during the exam period.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

School pick up/drop off

Whilst we realise that carparking both before and after school can be congested at times, we do ask that parents/guardians do not park in front of any of our vehicle gates. Last week our Outdoor Education staff and students had difficulty getting back on site through Gate 1 as cars were parked across it. If this continues to be an issue, we will have no other option but to contact Council traffic officers and police and issue fines.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

All Schools Swimming Championships

On Monday 7th May, 7 of our top swimmers were selected to represent SACCSS in the inaugural All Schools Swimming Championships held at MSAC. Jack O'Rourke, Ben Wills, Angela Molnar, Kaila & Karlos Nuestro and Alannah & James Morrow represented our College in the SACCSS team. They were up against some of the best schools in the State, with all sporting associations represented. All 7 of our students swam exceptionally well with some of them swimming against National swimmers. Karlos Nuestro placed 2nd in the 100m Freestyle. Well done to all involved.

Natalie Bourke

Sports Coordinator

Canteen News

We have started our Winter Menu!

New menu items include:

  • Pasta bolognaise (Canteen made)
  • Macaroni cheese (Canteen made)
  • Pumpkin soup (Canteen made)
  • Meatball and gravy sub
  • Chicken Parma rolls and hot dogs, now available every day
  • Cheese and Spinach pastry roll as another vegetarian option
  • Hot Chocolates (available from breakfast onwards)

There are also new breakfast deals and egg and bacon muffins to warm you up before school.

Don’t forget you can order online by creating an account with Ultimate Schools or by placing your lunch order direct to the canteen by the end of recess.

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