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Weekly Reflection

Father of my soul, Mother of my heart,

I know your love for me is limitless beyond imagining.

You care for me as a loving parent.

Through my smallest Lenten sacrifices,

help me to become less selfish and more aware of your ways.

Fan the flame of my desire to draw ever closer to you.

Guide me to seek your love.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my first CRC Melton Parents and Friends meeting. I found the group incredibly welcoming and friendly and I was able to gain valuable insight from parents on various topics.

The Parents and Friends at CRC Melton is not a fundraising group. The purpose is to gain first-hand information about events and developments as they arise and act as a forum for parents to provide input into aspects of life at the College. It also gives them the opportunity to meet with parents from across the year levels.

I will be arranging a short presentation from a member of staff at the beginning of each meeting, commencing with Mrs Joanne Holmes, our inaugural Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching on Wednesday 25 March. Meetings are kept to one hour and I encourage and welcome all parents to attend whenever possible.

Project Compassion launch

On Tuesday I attended the official launch of Caritas Project Compassion.

This year's theme is Let's go further, Together. Archbishop Peter Comensoli spoke about the need to think locally but act globally. The short clip used to launch this year's campaign illustrated the power of education. The donations from Caritas allowed Shirley to become a health worker in her local village. This employment not only allows Shirley to provide for her family but also gave her dignity and hope.

During Lent, our Social Justice students are organising various fundraisers to support the work of Caritas. You will find more information about these in this week's newsletter. As we continue our Lenten reflections, let us stand in solidarity with the poor and support our students in their efforts to end world poverty.

Marlene Jorgensen


From the Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

As we enter Week 5 of the learning and teaching cycle our students are developing their knowledge, understanding and skills in their subjects and electives. In the photos below, Unit 1 Biology students are exploring the process of diffusion and osmosis and relating this to many cell processes. Conducting experiments and learning the skills of analysing data is an important part of all science subjects.

Our teachers have constructed unit and topic plans and will continue to target writing and numeracy within the curriculum over the next four years as part of the College’s Action Plan for Learning and Teaching.

In a recent Year 11 assembly students were acknowledged for their Year 10 2019 academic excellence achievements and contribution to Homework Club. It is wonderful to see students at CRC managing their studies and commitments to volunteer work.

Following the successful completion of Year 12, and when applying for university or higher education, many institutes recognise the volunteer work students have undertaken in secondary school.

This may provide added bonus, be part of the selection criteria or enable students to provide supporting evidence for scholarships and college residence programs. The personal reward received through volunteer work is immeasurable.

Joanne Holmes

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

From the Deputy Principal - Students

Child Safety

At CRC Melton, we are committed to be a nurturing, child-safe school where children and young people are respected, their voices are heard and where they are safe and feel safe.

Our commitment and responsibility to child safety is driven by Jesus Christ’s message of hope, love and care for all. Listed below are examples of several College strategies used to keep students safe and to promote positive learning.

1. All visitors must register with the front office before having access to the school grounds.

2. All teaching and learning support staff recently completed the Protecting Children – Mandatory and other Reporting Obligations eLearning module.

3. Our PROTECT: Identifying and Responding to Abuse – Reporting obligations school policy has been updated to include the Reporting Requirements – Reportable Allegations Involving the Head of Entity statement. The head of entity (the head of the school) is the person who is primarily responsible for decision-making for the school. In most primary schools and in diocesan secondary schools, this will generally be a parish priest. In other secondary schools (ie congregational), there may be other governance arrangements regarding the identity of the head of entity.

All mandatory reporters must make a report to Victoria Police and/or DHHS Child Protection as soon as practicable if, during the course of carrying out their professional roles and responsibilities, they form a belief on reasonable grounds that a child has suffered, or is likely to suffer, significant harm as a result of physical abuse and/or sexual abuse, and the child’s parents have not protected, or are unlikely to protect the child from harm of that type.

From this year school counsellors and all people in religious ministry (ie clergy, deacons and religious brothers and sisters) are classified as mandatory reporters.

We have undertaken much work in this space and our school continues to reflect, review and improve on its child safety strategies. Wellbeing and child safety are everyone’s responsibility. All our child safety policies are available on the College website.

I recently attended a briefing on Information Sharing and Family Violence Reforms. The information enables professionals to improve support for children, young people and families so they get the help they need as early as possible. The aim is to prevent harm from occurring and to further promote the wellbeing and safety of children.

For the College to provide this support, it is important we have updated information about your children. This is particularly relevant if court orders are in place between parents. A copy of these orders should be provided to the College.

Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal Students

Sports Carnival success

On Thursday 20 February the College held its Swimming and Multisport Carnival and despite the cooler weather, the competition was a success both in and out of the pool.

In its first year, the Multisport Carnival gave Year 9, 10 and 11 students the opportunity to choose between swimming, basketball, netball, volleyball or E-sports. The year 7, 8 and 12 students attended Melton Waves for the Swimming Carnival.

The rationale behind the change was to increase student engagement by providing more choice. Students were able to compete for their house and work as a team with students from other year levels. You will find summaries of each activity in this newsletter.

The students looked great in the newly designed house uniforms for basketball, netball and volleyball. As is tradition at the Swimming Carnival, Year 12 students dressed in costumes reflecting their house colours while our Year 7 and 8 students took part in competitive swimming and novelty events throughout the day.

Dean Henneman

Sports Coordinator

Multisport Carnival - Swimming

The annual CRC Melton Swimming Carnival held at Melton Waves was filled with fun activities for students. Even though the weather wasn’t ideal for swimming, a big thanks to everyone who got into the water and participated.

While swimming events were held in the main pool, there were also novelty events that ran alongside. The VCAL class ran the obstacle course and staff and student leaders helped with the BBQ and face painting. The day was very successful and enjoyed by all staff and students.

The Year 12s had a great day and started their last swimming carnival with a parade in the morning where they were able to show off their costumes. They finished the carnival with a synchronised swimming performance for their house colour, which was won by Fitzgerald. Everyone did a fantastic job and it was great to see so many involved.

A big thankyou to all staff who helped run and supervise the day, senior leadership students who also helped with house organisation and to all the parents and families that came to help and support their children. A special thanks also to Mr Henneman for organising the day.

Finally, congratulations to Glasheen who were the Champions on the day. House MVPs will be announced at the next assembly.

Madeleine Hodge

Sports Captain

Multisport Carnival – Volleyball and Netball


Students had a wonderful day of volleyball at Eagle Stadium in Werribee.

The teamwork, support, cooperation and sportsmanship among the players from mixed year levels was outstanding and made for a great competition.

Both boys and girls had four teams in their respective competitions, with one House Team represented in each competition (apart from the two Fitzgerald teams in the competition for girls).

The girls ladder saw Reed finish on top followed by Fitzgerald 1, Fitzgerald 2 and Daffey. The play-off for third place saw Daffey defeat Fitzgerald 2 by one point in a thrilling game.

The Grand Final was similarly exciting, with Fitzgerald 1 outlasting Reed to win 25 to 23.

The boys ladder saw Daffey finish first followed by Fitzgerald, Reed and Glasheen. As with the girl’s competition, the boy’s finals were extremely close.

Reed defeated Glasheen by five points in the playoff for third place and Fitzgerald won the competition with a 25-23 win over Daffey.


Glasheen were the winners of the competitive netball tournament played at Eagle Stadium in Werribee.

Students from all houses took part in the social and competitive games. A special mention to Daffey, who fought hard to earn their place in the competitive grand final before becoming runners-up to Glasheen who dominated the court. Fitzgerald were the winners of the social tournament.

A highlight of the day was the Staff vs Student match with representatives from each House forming a team and taking on staff. There were some friendly disputes about who won the match but it was enjoyed by all.

Multisport Carnival – Basketball and E-Sports


College basketballers took part in an exciting competition at Sheehan Stadium during the Multisport Carnival. All houses were well represented with some fielding two teams.

During the social basketball competition, students showed great sportsmanship with some playing extra games to make sure points were awarded for their house.

The competitive basketball teams looked the part wearing our newly designed house jerseys/singlets and the standard of play was outstanding with some games going into overtime.

Timothy Makuac’s dunk and Jackson Djatschenko’s block and powerful layup to set up victory in the last minutes of the boys’ grand final were among the highlights.

All Sheehan Stadium games attracted a good crowd, with teachers and students cheering their house team to victory.

The competitive girls’ basketball games showed it’s not always about winning points for your house, with many girls filling in for rival houses just to enjoy a game of basketball.

Overall winners were:

Social basketball - Grand Final 1: Daffey. Grand Final 2: Reed.

Girls competitive - Reed

Boys competitive - Fitzgerald

E-Sports tournament

There were games galore to engage and challenge students who took part in the E-Sports tournament.

The official tournament tested the skills of more serious students who had an interest in gaming. The winners on the day were the team from Reed who earned the most points and took out the grand final.

The competition was no less fierce among students who played board and card games that challenged their minds and promoted teamwork and conversation.

The carnival allowed many students to interact and cooperate between the year levels and they showed just as much spirit and enthusiasm as their sporting peers.

Year 8 camp

Our Year 8 camp would have to be described as an awesome, memorable, adventure-filled, action-packed experience.

Last week, all classes in the Year 8 cohort went to Surf Camp at Burnside in Anglesea.

Each class was at camp for two days and students participated in four activities including high ropes, a ten-metre high course with a zip line. It was a nerve racking but rewarding experience.

The second activity was the rockwall climb. Students climbed vertically, and while not as high as the ropes course, the challenge was to race your friend up the wall.

Stand-up paddle boarding was another activity and the highlight for many. It was fun trying to stay on our boards before playing games that involved trying to get others off of theirs.

In my opinion, surfing was easily the most memorable activity and the best part of the camp. It was quite challenging but once you got the hang of it, this activity lived up to our high expectations. The Go Ride A Wave instructors were very helpful and many students were able to stand up and catch a wave.

After dinner we all went on a peaceful night walk and the views of Anglesea, the sea and campsite at dusk were stunning. When we returned, each homerooms’ Class Captains for Semester 1 were announced and given a certificate before we settled in to watch a movie.

Jackson Wright

Year 8 Bernard

Gadal Rite Journey ceremony

Year 9 students will begin their Rite Journey with a Calling and Departure Ceremony this week.

The Rite Journey reinvents the traditional process of a rite of passage. It acknowledges an adolescent's transition from dependency to responsibility, from childhood to young adulthood. The ceremony is a symbol of this transformation.

The first ceremony for Year 9 boys will be held this Thursday 5 March from 7pm in the Gadal building. Girls will take part in their ceremony on Thursday 12 March from 7pm.

Parents/guardians are reminded to bring the letter they have written to their child, which they will present to them on the night. Due to the significance of this ceremony parents are also reminded that siblings should not attend.

Here is what to expect on the night:

7.00 – 7.15pm: Introduction and welcome

7.15 – 7.30pm: Exchange of letters and leaf activity

7.30 – 8.10pm: Calling and Departure Ceremony (Fire pit and archway walk)

8.10pm – 8.30pm: Photos and tea/coffee

If you have any questions about the night, please contact me via email or phone 8099 6000.

Lauren Hill

Year 9 Gadal Director

Project Compassion

This year’s Project Compassion campaign is underway at the College with a homeroom fundraising competition and an Acts of Kindness challenge among the ways to get involved.

Spanning the six weeks of Lent each year, Project Compassion is organised by Caritas Australia. Millions of Australians come together in solidarity with the world's poor throughout the fundraising campaign to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

Last week I attended the Project Compassion launch at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs with College Principal Marlene Jorgensen and Social Justice student representatives Madlen Hill, Raheal Mengistu, Ophelia Fernando and Taya Wilken.

Motivated by what they heard, the students have come up with several fundraising and community service activities that will run over the coming weeks.

Each homeroom now has a Project Compassion box and students are encouraged to give generously. The class at each year level that raises the most money will win a slab of Coke.

To build on the theme of dignity and justice for all, the Acts of Kindness challenge calls on students to complete an act of kindness each week for another person in the school.

Homeroom teachers are keeping track of the acts of kindness completed by their students. The homeroom in Year 7 to 9 with the highest number of worthy acts will win a hot chip lunch. Senior students (Year 10 to 12) can win the same prize if their homeroom registers the most kind acts.

Staff and students are also looking for sponsors to support their Giving It Up for Lent initiative, the money from which will go to Project Compassion. For more information or to become a sponsor follow this link

Clare Hume

Social Justice Coordinator

2020 CRC Melton writing competition

Entries for the annual CRC Melton Writing Competition are now open.

Budding writers are encouraged to submit their stories and poems by 4.30pm on Thursday 23 April.

This year submissions must include all the following words – malice, slippery, hindsight and shameful.

The competition has a Junior category (Year 7 to 9) and a Senior category (Year 10 to 12). First prize in each category is a $50 Woodgrove Shopping Centre voucher. A $100 Woodgrove voucher will also be awarded to the best entry overall from any year level.

All stories and poems should be no more than 800 words, include a title and be submitted via email in Word format to Mr Cyril Fox

Competition ambassadors, students Chloe Downer and Nathan Furtado, have been visiting classrooms to promote the initiative.


It has been a busy term so far in the Languages Department. Our online Education Perfect program is up and running for students studying Italian and Indonesian. We have used this program since 2015 and students thoroughly enjoy it. It enables them to see what will be covered in upcoming classes and provides teachers with differentiation and extension strategies for their classes.

Please be mindful that students in Year 7 should only complete 30 minutes of Italian homework in Education Perfect each week.

Host families and Italy trip

At this stage we have 14 students who would like to visit our College for one week in July/August. If you are interested in hosting an Italian student, please email me

Planning for the trip to Italy in November 2021 has begun and more information will be available next term. At this stage, we have 33 students interested. If your child would like to take part, please email me as soon as possible. An interview process will follow with priority given to students who are studying Italian.

Claudia Russo

Languages Domain Leader

Breakfast Club

CRC Melton’s Breakfast Club can help students start the day in a positive way with good food and some friendly conversation.

Held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings by the Social Justice team, Breakfast Club is run by staff and fully funded and supported by St Vincent De Paul.

The menu includes toast, cereal, juice and occasional treats such as milo, crumpets or hot cross buns.

Breakfast Club is held in the food rooms from 8am to 8.35am. All students are welcome.

Shrove Tuesday pancakes

It was a great morning in the kitchen for Year 9 Food Studies students last week who made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day as it has become known) represents the last day of feasting and celebration before the start of Lent.

The students enjoyed the lesson and happily shared what they made as a group.

Year 7s get creative

Year 7 students in Design and Technologies: Materials demonstrated a flair for the use of line, shape and colour when they were challenged think creatively while making identification tags.

Students learnt to use a range of hand tools and then safely used the pedestal drill.

Sacramental program

The College is exploring the possibility of offering sacramental preparation classes for any of its students yet to celebrate their Reconciliation, Holy Communion or Confirmation. It is likely the classes would be held after school, at lunchtime or a combination of both.

To gauge the interest in this program, which would be led in collaboration with Parish Priests, parents can email me at with the name of their child and the sacrament(s) they wish to prepare for. Expressions of interest should be submitted by Tuesday 24 March.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

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