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Weekly Reflection

We Trust You Are There

Dear Lord,

We cannot see you but we trust that you are there.

We trust that you hold the world in the palm of your hand.

Help us to live every day with this perspective.

Help us to understand that faith is found in the small actions of kindness we make.

When we comfort the grieving, when give help to the homeless, we are declaring your victory.


Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Visit to Al Iman

During Harmony Week, I accompanied Social Justice Coordinator Rebecca Cassar and five Student Leaders who visited the Muslim school in Melton South, Al Iman College.

They met with Brother Othman Abubakar and Mohammed Kahirul and conveyed sentiments to their Leaders in light of the terrorist attacks on the two mosques in Christchurch last Friday.

I read part of a letter from Archbishop Peter Comensoli.

“On behalf of the whole Catholic community of Melbourne, I wish to express our deeply felt shock at the massacre of 50 members of the Muslim community at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque in Christchurch during the Friday prayer services, and at the wounding of many more.

In our Churches around Melbourne on Sunday, local Catholic communities offered prayers for the families of the victims and the members of the Mosques, and indeed to the whole Muslim Community in New Zealand and Australia.

We condemn this senseless and vicious act. We condemn the hatred of migrants, which is a betrayal of the hospitality to the stranger. We condemn the hatred of the Muslim people, which is a repudiation of the family of Abraham. We condemn the racism, which is a repudiation of the dignity of all human beings created in the image of God.

You are our brothers and sisters.

The Catholic Church in Melbourne stands in solidarity with the Muslims of Melbourne and around Australia who are deeply distressed at this act of violence, and who may feel like strangers in their own land, and who may fear for their safety.”

The CRC Melton students read a poem written by Jinghan Naan and presented a native arrangement representing our Australian nature that we share. Othman and Mohammed presented each person with a plaque which highlights our shared creation and equality amongst all people.

Voice for Change

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of watching Shannon and Regina perform live at the Cultural Diversity Festival at Federation Square.

They have been mentored by the likes of Krown, Mo, P-UniQue and DJ Mat Cant as part of the Voice for Change program.

Shannon and Regina performed “Love", and then later Regina came back on stage to sing another song with Voice for Change participants.

Mr Christie and I enjoyed the experience and we look forward to them performing in our new Stadium.

Parents & Friends

I look forward to meeting with families this Wednesday night at the annual Parents and Friends AGM at 7pm. All welcome.

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal - Students

School Photos

School photos are scheduled on 30th April. All students are to be in full winter uniform for the photos. If anyone needs to purchase winter uniform, extended hours during the holiday period have been organised.

As was the case last year ordering of photos is online, Individual class and family photos will be taken on the day. Details as to how to order photos will be given to students before the end of this term.

There is a range of extra products available online only.

A range of payment options are available online, including ZipPay, so you can order now and pay later!

School Uniform - Term 2

Students are required to be wear their winter uniform from the start of Term 2, there is no transition period. The requirements are set out clearly below. It is clearly stated the College Blazer is the external garment to be worn to and from school. Excuses of leaving the blazer at home or in the locker will not be accepted.


  • Blazer - compulsory, required external garment worn to and from school
  • Winter Kilt - CRC tartan (length to knees)
  • Tailored Slacks - CRC slacks
  • Shirt - white long sleeve shirt with CRC monogram
  • Jumper - only be worn to and from the College if under the blazer
  • Tie - compulsory
  • Tights - navy blue
  • Socks - long navy blue
  • Shoes - black leather lace up school shoes


  • Blazer - compulsory, required external garment worn to and from school
  • Trousers - navy Blue with CRC monogram
  • Shirt - white long sleeve shirt with CRC monogram
  • Jumper - can only be worn to and from the College if under the blazer
  • Tie - compulsory
  • Socks - navy blue
  • Shoes - black leather lace up school shoes

The PE uniform is only worn when the student has a timetabled PE or Drama/Dance class, or when otherwise specified by the College Leadership team. The winter PE uniform requires the wearing of the College rugby top or sports jacket as the external garment to school. CRC sport socks are compulsory for all year levels

We look for your support in ensuring your son or daughter is wearing the College uniform correctly at all times.

Holiday Uniform Shop Hours

Melton Tuesday 16th April at 11am to 3pm

Sydenham Monday 15th April at 1pm - 5pm

Thursday 18th April at 8am - 11am

Saturday 20th April at 9am - 12pm

Thomastown Monday - Friday at 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - 12pm

Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal - Students

From the Deputy Principal - Staff

Term 1 Reports and Parent Student Teacher Interviews

Interim Reports and Parent Student Teacher Interview bookings will open via the Parent Portal on Wednesday, 27th March. If you have any difficulty accessing the Portal, please contact the College office or email

Parent Student Teacher Interviews will be held on:

  • Tuesday, 2nd April Interviews: 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Thursday, 4th April Interviews: 4:00pm-8:30pm

It is expected that students attend interviews with their parents/guardians.

To access P-S-T Bookings:

  • Log in to PAM
  • At the top you will see the Parent Interviews link (click to enter)
  • Then select your child (if you have more than one, each will be listed separately)
  • Select the subject
  • Choose an available time with that teacher
  • Repeat for each class and child as needed
  • Use the print icon to print off interview times

Bookings close Monday, 1st April at 4:00pm.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

Volleyschool is back

Students will be delighted to know that Volleyschool will be returning to CRC Melton commencing Thursday 2nd May in the new Stadium.

If you would like to see what Volleyschool is all about, come along for a free trial on Thursday 4th April from 4.30 pm to 6.00pm.

This year we hope to be running regular games for ALL members of the CRC Melton Community – current and ex-students, family members and staff. This will happen once we are able to establish a sufficient number of players to form enough teams for a regular competition. If you do not have a team, we will be able to find one for you.

Anybody interested in a regular Thursday night game of Volleyball is asked to email Michael Hill at These games would follow the Volleyschool program which finishes at 6.00pm.

Please see the attached flyer for costs and details. Feel free to contact Michael Hill if requiring more information.

Michael Hill

Volleyball Coach

WRV-Volleyschool-Costs-2019-Melton-3.pdf (0.08Mb)

Book Reviews

This Mortal Coil By Emily Suvada

When a lone soldier, Cole, arrives with news of Lachlan Agatta's death, all hope seems lost for Catarina. Her father was the world's leading geneticist, and humanity's best hope of beating a devastating virus. Then, hidden beneath Cole's gene hacked enhancements she finds a message of hope: Lachlan created a vaccine. Only she can find and decrypt it, if she can unravel the clues he left for her. The closer she gets, the more she finds herself at risk from Cartaxus, a shadowy organization with a stranglehold on the world's genetic tech. But it's too late to turn back. There are three billion lives at stake, two people who can save them, and one final secret that Cat must unlock. A secret that will change everything.

Pointe, Claw By Amber J. Keyser

A tale of magical realism in which two best friends, one who wants to be a professional ballerina and the other who is turning into a bear, confront society's narrow definition of what it means to be feminine and find a way to embrace the wildness in them. A brilliant, unique story that fearlessly jumps into the world of magical realism. Features two girls who come to embrace their strength and divergence from the norm. Shows the difficulty girls have in rejecting what society thinks they should be.

Library Team

Test & Tag

Qualified CRC Sydenham students undertaking electrical studies that have completed the required industry standard are offering Test and Tag Certification.

Individual Tags supplied for every item. See attached flyer for more information.

CRC Sydenham

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