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Weekly Reflection

Blessed are those invited to the banquet of the kingdom.

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit: the reign of God is theirs.’

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed too are the sorrowing: they shall be consoled.’

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed are the lowly; they shall inherit the land.’

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for holiness;

they shall have their fill.’

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed are they who show mercy; mercy shall be theirs.’

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed are the single-hearted for they shall see God.’

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed too are the peacemakers; they shall be called Sons of God.’

Lord Jesus, you said, ‘Blessed are those persecuted for holiness’ sake;

the reign of God is theirs.’


(Adapted from Source: Lucien Deiss)

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

Opening School Mass

It was a special day in CRC Melton's history when Fr Michael Moody celebrated mass and blessed our new Sports Stadium. Special thanks to Amy Bandeira, Daniel Askew, Jessica Chelotti and the Ensemble. Thanks also to Elizabeth Attard and Val Turner for their support in supplying the decorative plants for the ceremony.

Swimming Carnival

We had it all last Tuesday at Melton Waves; beautiful weather, Year 12 students in colourful costume and a terrific spirit amongst all students, staff and parents present. Well done to our Year 12 Leaders who set the pattern for the day. The final results for the winning team will be announced at our first school assembly.

Parents and Friends Meeting

Our first meeting for 2019 is being held on Wednesday 27th February. All parents and guardians are most welcome to attend the meeting at 7pm. I plan to host a short school tour of our new Sports Stadium at the commencement of the meeting.

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal - Students

Melbourne University Excursion

A group of Year 11 and 12 students had the great opportunity to attend Melbourne University last week. This afforded them the opportunity to be able to obtain new knowledge about the life of University and the various courses that are offered there. Furthermore, we are very grateful that we were able to meet and interact with experienced university students. Overall, as a group we highly recommend younger year levels to get a glimpse of the nature of university. We would like to thank Mr. Blackley, Ms. Daphne and Simma Maniel for giving us the opportunity to attend the excursion to Melbourne University.

Student Performances - Mushroom Group

Year 10 students Regina Laumata and Shannon Tuilaepa performed at the National Gallery Victoria Teens Arts Party on Saturday 16th February, which was a huge success, according to the Project Coordinator, Aspen Clarke.

Whilst Adrian Eagle headlined the night, the VFC Next Gen kids rocked the show, with amazing feedback from VFC staff.

Voice For Change is excited to present the video for the inspired track ‘BE’. Written during VFC school’s music development workshops late 2018, ‘BE’ is the final result of hours of work, passion, experience and drive from our future star teen mentees and produced by Nic Martin. The track Be was performed at the Australian Open and the NGV Teen Art Party.

Watch ‘BE’ by VFC Next Gen. ‘BE’ was debuted by VFC students at the Australian Open and recently at the NGV Teen Art Party alongside Voice For Change mentors Adrian Eagle & Known.

Please see links to view/listen below:

· ‘BE’ video clip:

Facebook -

YouTube -

· Voice for Change tracks:

Listen to the track ‘Love’ written and performed by our students Regina Laumata, Shannon Tuilaepa and Hanamoa Maiava

Student Wellbeing/Welfare

A number of resources are available to schools and parents to support students to be resilient, responsible and respectful adults and protect students. See below for two valuable resource sites, a valuable resource that promotes online safety including tackling image-based abuse and a complaints service for young people who experience serious cyberbullying. If students are subject to online bullying they need to report it to you, a trusted adult or to their teachers so that we can support them. You may have read newspaper reports recently of a site called Momo, it is an alleged form of cyberbullying that spreads through social media and cell phones. After phone users are enticed to contact a user named "Momo", they receive graphic threats from the user and are instructed to perform a series of dangerous tasks., a resource to support students, parents and teachers to create a learning environment that promotes student wellbeing and the development of respectful relationships.

Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal Students

From the Deputy Principal - Staff

Information Evening

Thanks to all parents/guardians who attended the Year 12 Information evening.


Our Year 8 and Year 9 camps finish this week. We look forward to the VCAL Camp next week and our Year 7 Camps starting 18th March. Families will have received information through CareMonkey regarding both these activities.

Bacchus Marsh Coaches

Students catching most Bacchus Marsh Coaches are required to have and use a valid Myki card. Not only does Myki data provide information to the Victorian Transport Commission on bus usage, but the buses are not free. Non-use will result in 2 things:

1. Buses will be reduced in number as it appears they are not used or required

2. Bus drivers will refuse travel to students who do not have a valid Myki card.

We would expect all students to have and use a valid Myki. If not, they will need to find an alternate method to get to school.

From the Director of Learning

As we progress into the fourth week of the academic year, students should turn their attention to an exploration of what academic success will look like for them. Is it a concentrated effort on lifting a particular subject result by 10%? Or ensuring home study is completed every night? It may even be making more of an effort to ask questions in class. Or is it simply being more engaged in class and enjoying the learning journey they are on? Whatever the action/s may be for each student, the belief that all students at CRC Melton are capable of achieving academic success is strong amongst teachers and students alike.

Robert Collier once said 'Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out'. How does this quote relate to the academic success of our students? Upon speaking with our VCE high achievers each year, the importance of small efforts, repeated over and over again from Years 7 to 12 is always mentioned. Small efforts such as having the required materials for class, being on time, developing a program of regular revision at home and seeking out teachers when help is needed are some examples. When small efforts such as these are repeated over and over they become a habit, making the achievement of each student's academic goals a satisfying reality.

One small effort repeated day in, day out that leads to academic success is the ability to meet a set deadline. When students are set a due date for a task, be it a basic homework activity or a major piece of assessment, the expectation is that the due date will be met. The teaching staff will always ensure ample time is given for the completion of each task, however if students leave the task till the last minute or use their class time inappropriately they may find it very difficult and stressful to submit the work on time. Careful planning of one’s workload and a consistent effort over time to complete tasks is always required.

At times, careful planning and consistent effort will be applied but an extension of time may be required due to family circumstances, unexpected incidences or illness. Extensions may be granted by the subject teachers of Years 7 to 10 students if appropriate documentation, such as a medical certificate or a parent letter outlining a significant issue is supplied. For Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 subjects, extensions are not so simple and cannot be granted without a medical certificate. The VCE Coordinator, Mrs Carrisa Lock, and the relevant Year Level Coordinators will be able to give advice to VCE students in such a position.

Attached are the College's Late Submission of Major Assessment Tasks procedures as well as the Non Completion of Homework procedure for Years 7 to 10 students. You will note parent contact will be made by the subject teachers in both instances to ensure that we are all working together to support your student's learning journey and their achievement of academic success.

Narelle Layton

Director of Learning

Weekly Mass

Make plans this Lent to grow closer to God, strengthen your faith and begin your day with the Light of the World. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, 6th March, Mass will be offered in the CRC Chapel at 8am on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All families are welcome. The Chapel is located in the centre of campus with convenient parking nearby.

Sister Mary Sarah

Sports News

Swimming Carnival

On Tuesday 19th February, our College held our annual School Swimming Carnival which was held at Melton Waves. We had a great day which was filled with so many participants both inside and outside the pool.

The year 12s enjoyed their final swimming carnival which they started off with a fashion parade to show off their costumes. They then ended the day with their house coloured and themed synchronised swimming performances which the whole school enjoyed watching.

The day was packed with events that ran all day with both the main pool and novelty pool running. Outside the pool, our school BBQ was going, we had the sport and recreation class running games and activities in order to win prizes and house points. We also had face painting, arts and crafts and lolly guessing games set up in each house area. The day was packed full of activities, fun and excitement and certainly was enjoyed by all students and staff.

A big thank you to all staff who helped run and supervise the day, Senior Leadership students who helped in the house organisation and also to all our parents and families who came down and assisted us on the day, everyone's help is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

The final results for the Champion team and the house MVPs will be awarded at our first school assembly in the coming weeks.

SACCSS Senior Golf Day

Yesterday our senior golf team travelled to Werribee Golf Course for an 18 hole competition with our SACCSS Sport Association. Jarryd Martin, Cody Munro, Lachlan Serpell and Luke Syme who were coached by Mr.Pentony attended the tournament. Our 4 students played fantastic throughout the day and the 36 degree weather wasn’t stopping them. We did extremely well and won almost everything which was an amazing effort by our boys.

Our team won the best overall team in which all the boys received a medal for. Jarryd won the entire tournament with best individual player and Cody won nearest to the pin. It was a great day and the boys were very happy in their success.

Jordyn Syme

College Sports Coordinator

Languages News

A friendly reminder that all Year 7 and 8 students studying Italian need to now have their ECCO UNO Italian ebook downloaded on their iPad along with their Education Perfect app. Both resources will be used in Italian classes and homework will be set in due course on the Education Perfect app. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to relay them to your child’s Italian teacher.

Claudia Russo

Domain Leader - Languages

2019 European Tour

Information Evening

For families who have a student or students attending the 2019 Tour, there will be a final information evening on Thursday 7th of March at 7:00pm in the PAC.

If you have any questions you would like addressed for the group, please contact Carissa Lock ( or Paul Iannazzo (


There is one position available for the European Tour which will run from 4th April - 27th April, 2019 touring Poland and Italy.

The position is available to students who are currently in Years 9-12. The cost of the Tour is $6,900 which includes flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfasts and some dinners, activities, museum and other site entries, guides and insurance.

Please contact Paul Iannazzo ( if you would like more information. Applications will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Paul Iannazzo

Tour Coordinator

Melton City Council News

Community Road Safety Forum

Melton City Council are running a free event for all young drivers and parents of drivers. Improve your knowledge about road rules and avoid being part of road trauma.

The Community Road Safety Forum will be held on 21st March at Lakeview Secondary College.

To register, visit the Melton Learning Website: or see attached flyer for more information.

Carly Billingham

Acting Community Support Officer | Melton City Council

ReSET Program

Melton City Council, Family Services and Youth Services will be running the ReSET Program commencing on Thursday 14th March at Melton Youth Services, 193 Barries Road, Melton.

The ReSET Program is based on “Step Up” a program which aims to build respectful family relationships. ReSET aims to work with both the young person and their parent/s or carer/s. It is an early intervention program which uses cognitive behavioural exercises, solution focused and problem solving techniques. This program aims to assist young people, their parents and carers to reflect on their negative interactions and develop strategies towards respectful behaviours.

The program is free and is suitable for any parent and young people. A light supper will be provided. See attached flyer for more information.

Georgina Briffa

Family Support Worker | Melton City Council

iPlay Youth Program

The Melton City Council’s Leisure team provides a free sports program on Monday from 3:30pm-5:30pm at the Melton Indoor Recreation Centre. This program is designed to increase activity levels and for students to gain new connections. See attached flyer for more information.

Tarleah Young

Sports Program Officer | Melton City Council

The Future of Work @ Melton Library

Automation and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing how we work. Join us as Dr Jude Walker, labour market specialist, provides a no-nonsense insight into how emplyment will change over the next ten years and how to prepare for it.

The Future of Work presentation will be held on Monday 4 March @ 6-7pm - Melton Library. Bookings are essential: Visit Melton City Website or call 9747 5300

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