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Weekly Reflection

Lent is a time when we prepare as a faith community to meet the risen Christ at Easter. It is a time for us to turn away from what keeps us from living the Gospel, and to remind ourselves that we are called to live lives based on justice. To be just in the biblical sense is to be in right relationship with God. As we prepare to meet Christ in his resurrected glory, we pray for a change of heart towards greater love of God and each other and we share our food, our wealth and our time with others in need.

God of love and truth, you called us forth from the dust of earth and claimed us for Christ in the waters of baptism.

Look upon us as we enter these forty days bearing the mark of ashes. Bless us on our journey through Lent to the waters of rebirth.

May our fasting be a hunger for justice; our alms, a making of peace; our prayer, the chant of humble and grateful hearts.

All that we do and pray is in the name of Jesus, for in his cross you proclaim your love now and forever. Amen

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

2017 High Achievers Ceremony

It was terrific to see so many of our Year 12 students from 2017 back at the College today.

All present heard an outstanding speech from or 2017 College Dux, Alison Vasjuta- see copy below.

Listening to Alison speak about overcoming so many obstacles in her time at CRC and then achieving so well in her VCE was truly inspirational.

Congratulations Alison and all Award winners.

Alison Vasjuta Speech

I am honoured and incredibly proud to stand here before you as the college Dux of 2017.

I also congratulate my fellow peers on their academic achievements today.

For us 2017 was a year of diligence and sacrifice. Now it is time to reflect, to change and to grow into the movers and shakers of the future. Whether you are going onto university, TAFE, travel or full time work this year, I wish you the best of luck.

As a young woman, I am particularly thankful for receiving an opportunity that millions of girls across the world are denied. In some countries fewer than 10% of girls complete their high school education, which is a privilege we mustn't take for granted.

There is no natural talent or luck which leads me here today. I was always a pretty ordinary student, no different from any one of you. I've always maintained good grades but I have never before been the Dux of my cohort. I had never even been the Dux of a subject until Year 10. So let my example prove to you that in no way do you have to be the smartest, you just have to be willing to work the hardest.

My journey from Year 7-12 at Catholic Regional College was not always easy, yet it has nurtured me into a woman of integrity and resilience. After my mum was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, the support and generosity extended by the staff at CRC was an incredible blessing during this difficult time in my family's life.

The counselling staff, in particular, have been a tremendous support ever since.

To my mum, I'm lucky to have you here today.

I owe my achievements to several teachers who have taught me over the past six years, who have collectively influenced me in one way or another. I wish to extend my gratitude to an incredible group of women in particular:

Mrs Sullivan, Miss Grech, Mrs Toms, Miss Layton, Mrs Fus and Mrs Spearman.

Your passion for your work is undeniable. Thank you for letting me bother you relentlessly during lunch times and pester you with emails, essays and practice exams. I couldn’t have done it without each of you. On behalf of my cohort, I would like to thank Mr Henneman and Mrs Lock for their support during such a challenging year, know that your efforts and commitment to us did not go unappreciated. I would also like to make a special mention to Mrs Harrington for always offering her support, friendship and my personal favourite, free food over the past two years. You went above and beyond for our homeroom and we honestly cannot thank you enough. Lastly, to my parents, my friends and my boyfriend thank you for always being my biggest supporters in life.

Year 12's of 2018, know that (despite the flood of careers emails and the word VTAC) you don't need to have your life figured out just yet

Now, however, is the time to set yourself goals. In 365 days, do you want to be standing up here? Have a vision for why you’re studying so hard. Write it down. Some days you’re going to be exhausted and you’re going to feel unmotivated, soit’s important to keep the end in sight. I had a number in mind written on my whiteboard where I could see it each morning. This held me accountable on the days I didn’t feel like giving it one hundred percent.

Your teacher’s are right when they tell you VCE is a competition, nothing gets more competitive than trying to get a carpark after July or the race to get your lunch in the microwave first. It’s every man for themselves.

Balance is essential and time management will be your greatest asset. I worked a part time job, went out on weekends and had a busy social life. During winter I spent most weekends snowboarding and during the off season my Monday night basketball team experienced the weekly privilege of having our butts kicked by Mrs Lock. Continuing to do the things you enjoy is critical, without them you run the risk of burning yourself out. Contrary to popular belief; you can have both. If you perfect the art of balancing them, I assure you it will be one of the best years of your life.

In 2018 I will be commencing a Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Physiotherapy at Latrobe and I am excited and eager for this new chapter of my life.

Class of 2018, I wish you all the best of luck with the year ahead and beyond. They’re not lying when the say it goes fast, so give it your all and turn your expectations into reality.

Thank you

Mark Sheehan


From the Deputy Principal (Staff)

Term 1 continues with much activity both within and outside the classrooms. Classes across all year levels are now in full swing, with our updated Mathematics program extended to Year 9 providing positive feedback from students and parents.

The weather looks promising for our upcoming Swimming Carnival. Please read information in today's newsletter about the day’s arrangements and ensure your child is SunSmart ready.

Information Evenings

We begin our information evenings for selected year levels. Year 7 parents / guardians are welcome to attend our Information evening in the Hall this Wednesday starting at 6.30pm.

Our Year 12 Information evening is on Thursday, February 22, with separate sessions being held for our VCAL and VCE Students.

Year 9 – 12 Subject Changes

As stated last week, Year 9 - 12 students should have completed any necessary changes with their studies and no more will occur unless there are exceptional circumstances. Year 9 & 10 students will be able to enquire about changes to their Semester 2 electives at the end of Term 2.


There appears to be some overcrowding on the Darley bus after school. We are working with the bus company and driver on solutions. Priority will go to students who board the bus in the morning and we will issue cards to these students. I will also look at other longer term solutions with Bacchus Marsh Coaches.

John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

2017 Award Winners

Year 12 2017 Major Award Winners

Community Spirit Award: Jacinta Guirguis

School Spirit Award: Amy Ross & Anna Cicalese

Peer Award: Dominic Miesen & Leah Thorburn

Abby Rogers Award: Chloe Galakos

Principal’s Award: Fernando Rios-Rodriguez

Year 12 2017 External Award

Long Tan Award: Fernando Rios-Rodriguez

2017 VCAL & VET

Juliet Brooking: Intermediate VCAL

Winnie Poni: Intermediate VET

Leah Thorburn: Senior VCAL

Jacob Steele: Senior VET

2017 Subject DUX: The student who attained the highest study score in their subject. (Above 35)

Ruben Aguirre Coto: Italian

Nathan Brewis: Chemistry

Courtney Buhagiar: Business Management

Christopher Campagna: Music Sound Production

Jeremy Cinel: History: Revolutions

Joshua Eagle: Maths: Further Mathematics

Ava Fritzz: Media

Chloe Galakos: Business Management

Emily Kro: Physical Education & Sport and Recreation

Georgia Lewis: Allied Health

Madalyn McGill: Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Dominic Miesen: Mathematical Methods, Physics & Specialist Mathematics

Grace Patterson: Food Studies & Media

Madeline Rizzo: Religion And Society

Hannah Sammut: Religion And Society

Thomas Spiteri: English Language, Indonesian, Physics & Visual Communication and Design

Alison Vasjuta: Biology, English, Literature & Psychology

Shanae Wheadon: Legal Studies

Emma Winzar: Health And Human Development

High Achiever Study Score Award: Students who achieved a 40 or higher out of 50. This score places them in the top 10% of the State.

Joshua Eagle: Maths: Further Mathematics

Breanne Landells: Psychology

Macy Le Huray: Psychology

Madalyn Mc Gill: Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Dominic Miesen: Mathematical Methods & Specialist Mathematics

Thomas Spiteri: English Language & Visual Communication Design

Alison Vasjuta: Biology, English & Psychology

Emma Winzar: Health and Human Development

Alesha Winzar: Health and Human Development

High Achiever ATAR Award: Students who achieved an ATAR above 85. This puts them in the top 15% of students across the state.

Alison Vasjuta, Thomas Spiteri and Dominic Miesen

College Dux:

Alison Vasjuta who achieved an ATAR of 96.3.

Alison also received the subject dux for Biology, English, Literature & Psychology.

    Kerrie-Ann Matthews

    Director of Community Relations

    2018 CRC Melton Swimming Carnival

    The 2018 Catholic Regional College Melton Swimming Carnival is to be held at Melton Waves Leisure Centre on Tuesday 20th February. The following information provides a summary of the day and the requirements for attendance. Please note that it is a compulsory school event and therefore full attendance is expected. We have endeavoured to include a range of alternative activities to cater for students who are not confident in their swimming ability and hope that this will enable all students to focus on the development of a positive and encouraging school community.

    Venue: Melton Waves Leisure Centre

    Attendance: Compulsory for all students

    Time: 8.30am Roll call at Melton Waves. 2.45pm dismissal from Melton Waves.

    Transport: Darley, Underbank and Hopetoun Park buses will be dropping students off at Melton Waves rather than CRC at the regular time in the morning and picking up from Melton Waves at 2.45pm. Students catching the Toolern Vale Bus will be dropped off in the morning on Coburns Road opposite Melton Secondary College and walk down Coburns Road to Melton Waves (5mins). In the afternoon the Toolern Vale bus will pick up at 3.20pm from CRC Melton (they will be transported back to the College). Students catching the Golf Links and Long Forest buses will catch the bus to and from CRC as normal and will be transported to and from Melton Waves via the school mini bus. All students are required to be at Melton Waves by 8:30am and are to marshal in homerooms to get their name marked off. Contact Bacchus Marsh Coaches for further details.

    Uniform: Students are to wear PE uniform. Year 12 students are permitted to wear appropriate costumes in their team colours.

    Items to Bring: Bathers that are appropriate, towel, sunscreen (will also be available in different locations on the day), hat, drink bottle, lunch and snacks.

    Food: A sausage sizzle will be conducted to raise money for College charities. None of the internal café facilities will be accessible to students. There is to be no fast food delivered to students at the venue. As per our school policy, any fast food brought into the venue will be confiscated by staff.

    Sun Smart policy: If students are not swimming they will be required to wear their school PE polo shirt and their hat. Sun cream will be provided on the day at various locations.

    Awards & Recognition: All events will accrue points for their house. Individual medals will be awarded by house captains to one student from each house, deemed to have demonstrated the most house spirit. Criteria are as follows:

    a. Participation in events

    b. Participation outside of the pool

    c. Sportsmanship and encouragement for teammates and other competitors.

    d. Support for the College ethos and values.

    Visitors: Immediate family are welcome to attend the carnival and must sign in at the gate. Due to the increased student enrolment numbers, space will be limited so please be aware that shaded areas will be provided to students as a priority. Parent assistance has been welcomed in the past and will be allocated on an as needed basis on the day. Your support for the event is greatly appreciated. If you have any further questions please contact the College.

    Natalie Bourke

    Sports Coordinator

    CRC Mass

    Mass will be celebrated every Friday in the College Chapel at 8:00am.

    Parents welcome.

    Peer Support

    During Term 1, students will be involved in the Peer Support Program. Each week, groups of 8-9 Year 7 students will meet with 2 Year 10 Peer Leaders and work through a range of activities that focus on resilience. Meeting in small groups allows meaningful connections to form, assisting students with the transition to secondary school. Over a period of five weeks, students will acknowledge their strengths and achievements, identify people who support them and learn how to view challenges as opportunities for growth.

    For additional reading and resources to support your child please visit the parent tab on the Peer Support Australia Website

    Shanelle Sertic

    Student Leadership Coordinator

    Sport News

    Welcome back for 2018 and what a year it is going to be in sport. We have our College Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 20th February at Melton Waves. There will be many activities for the students to participate in, including the usual freestyle, backstroke, breaststokeand relays. There will also be novelty events running in the smaller pool and around both pools there will be activities such as face painting, tug of war and hair braiding.

    A number of senior sports are happening this term. Students in Year 10-12 are encouraged keep a look out for sign ups and trials.

    Below are a list of State teams that our students can try out for. If you think you are talented at one of the below sports, go onto the SSV website for more information. Throughout the year more sports will come up to try out for, so stay tuned.

    Australian Football – 15 Years and Under Boys (Close 1 March)
    Australian Football – 15 Years and Under Girls (Close 1 March)
    Netball – 15 Years and Under (Close 22 February)
    Softball – 17 Years and Under Boys (Close 6 February)
    Softball – 17 Years and Under Girls (Close 6 February)
    Tennis – 18 Years and Under Boys (Close 14 February)
    Tennis – 18 Years and Under Girls (Close 14 February)

    You may also know some emerging 12 year olds...

    Cricket – 12 Years and Under Boys (Close 13 February)
    Cricket – 12 Years and Under Girls (Close 13 February)
    Hockey – 12 Years and Under Boys (Close 1 March)
    Hockey – 12 Years and Under Girls (Close 1 March)
    Australian Football – 12 Years and Under (Close 1 March)
    Netball – 12 Years and Under (Close 1 March)
    Basketball – 12 Years and Under Boys (Close 1 March)
    Basketball – 12 Years and Under Girls (Close 1 March)
    Football (Soccer) – 12 Years and Under Boys (Close 1 March)
    Football (Soccer) – 12 Years and Under Girls (Close 1 March)

    If you know someone with an emerging talent, be sure to contact the College, or you can find all the details on the Team Vic section of the SSV website:

    We love hearing about all of our students sporting achievements outside of school, if your child has been involved in something, please email me at with the details and a photo.

    Natalie Bourke

    Sport Coordinator

    Coles Sports for Schools

    Catholic Regional College Melton has registered with the Coles Sports for Schools program and is looking for your help to collect as many Coles vouchers as we can. For every $10 spent at a Coles supermarket, customers can collect one voucher which can be redeemed for sports equipment for the college. If you would like to help, please place the Coles vouchers in the collection box in the front office of the school. We encourage CRC Melton families to become Coles shoppers for the next six weeks and support us in providing new equipment for our students.

    Emma Brown

    Domain Leader - Health & PE

    Detox Your Home

    Detox your Home at Melton City Council’s free household chemical drop off program.

    Do you have unwanted household chemicals you no longer use? Some of these products could harm you, your family and your pets.

    Household chemical products can also pollute the environment for future generations as well as harm their health, which is why you shouldn’t throw chemical products out with your regular rubbish collection or pour them down the drain. Doing so would pollute our waterways, harm animals and vegetation, contaminate our drinking water supply and make rivers and beaches unsafe for swimming.

    The good news is you can reduce the risk of poisoning, environmental pollution and bushfire hazards, as well as improve recycling rates, by dropping off unwanted chemicals at the Melton Recycling Facility’s, Detox your Home event.

    Catholic Regional College Melton encourages parents/guardians to take advantage of this safe, free and easy-to-use service for householders to dispose of common, highly toxic household chemicals without harming your health, your family’s health or the environment. Please note that students should not handle household chemicals without adult supervision.

    When: Saturday 14th April 2018

    Time: 10.00am-1.00pm

    Where: Melton Recycling Facility, 33 Ferris Rd, Cobblebank (Melton South)

    Do the right thing by your loved ones, the local community and the environment and get rid of unwanted – and potentially dangerous – household chemicals through Detox your Home.

    The collected items are recycled for recovery and diverted from landfill.

    What you need to do

    Simply register online or over the phone, then turn up on the day with your unwanted items, and the expert Detox your Home team will do the rest. Register online to choose your preferred time slot:

    What can I bring to a Detox your Home mobile event?

    Detox your Home is a free program designed specifically to collect unwanted or out-of-date household chemicals. Less toxic items – paint, household batteries and fluorescent lights – can be disposed of throughout the year at a permanent drop-off site.

    Visit for a full list of accepted items and a list of permanent drop-off sites.

    Melton City Council

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