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Weekly Reflection

Teach Me to Listen

Teach me to listen, O God, to those nearest me,

my family, my friends, my co-workers.

Help me to be aware that no matter what words I hear,

the message is, ‘Accept the person I am. Listen to me.’

Teach me to listen, my caring God, to those far from me –

the whisper of the hopeless, the plea of the forgotten,

the cry of the anguished.

Teach me to listen, O God my Mother, to myself.

Help me to be less afraid to trust the voice inside –

in the deepest part of me.

Teach me to listen, Holy Spirit, for your voice –

in busyness and in boredom,

in certainty and doubt, in noise and in silence.

Teach me, Lord, to listen. Amen.

-Fr John Veltri, S.J

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

2018 VCE and VCAL Achievers Assembly

On Tuesday morning we hosted an Assembly for our High Achievers from the Year 12 class of 2018.

It was great to see our students back with their families and hear how their University/TAFE/ work prospects are shaping up for this year.

Ethan Trethowan, our College Dux for 2018, made a terrific acceptance speech, a copy of which is attached.

We look forward to seeing our Year 12 2018 students again when we host a BBQ for them on Wednesday 27th February.

Official Opening of Sports Stadium

I can now confirm the date for the Official Opening of the Sports Stadium being:

Tuesday May 28 at 9.15am.

Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Mark Edwards, Auxiliary Bishop to Western Region.

Please note the date in your diary with more details to follow.

Mark Sheehan


2018 VCE & VCAL Academic Awards

Congratulations to the following students who received awards at the 2018 VCE & VCAL Academic Awards:

Year 12 2018 Major Award Winners

Community Spirit Award: Khaw Ti Ling

School Spirit Award: Harris Leiataua and Olivia Rabottini

Peer Award: Meg Bacchin and Macy Le Huray

Abby Rogers Award: Stephanie Lisolajski

Principal’s Award: Rebecca Chin

Year 12 2018 External Awards

Long Tan Award: Madeline Rizzo

Gorton Young Leaders Award: Chloe Laurel and Boden Mugridge

2018 VCAL & VET

Harris Leiataua: Intermediate VCAL VET

Lily Saliba: Senior VCAL & Senior VCAL VET

2018 Subject DUX: The student who attained the highest study score in their subject. (above 35)

Meg Bacchin: Health and Human Development

Angelica Bautista: Religion and Society

Nadia Blanco: Studio Arts

Lillian Brewis: Maths - Further Mathematics

Christopher Campagna: Media & Visual Communication and Design

Rebecca Chin: History - Australian History & Literature

Erin Crowe: Business Management & English

Joshua Eagle: Physics & Visual Communication and Design

Dennielle Lastra: Engineering Studies (VCE VET)

Macy Le Huray: Health and Human Development

Phe Khaw Ti Ling: Languages - Indonesian 2nd Language

Cheyanne Llanes: Psychology

Rylie Maple: History - Revolutions

Madalyn McGill: Physical Education

Evana Miesen: Psychology

Luke Spiteri: Maths - Mathematical Methods, Maths - Specialist Mathematics & Physics

Jude Shehan Tennakoon Arachchige Don: Maths - Specialist Mathematics

Ethan Trethowan: Biology, English Language & Languages - Italian

Isobel Turnball: Drama & Legal Studies

Benjamin Wills: Maths - Further Mathematics

Emma Winzar: Chemistry

High Achiever Study Score Award: Students who achieved a study score of 40 or higher out of 50. This score places them in the top 10% of the State.

Nadia Blanco: Studio Arts

Kenrick Mascarenhas: Physical Education

Madalyn McGill: English Language & Physical Education

Ethan Trethowan: Biology, English Language and Languages: Italian

Veronica Smith: Biology

Luke Spiteri: Mathematical Methods

Emma Winzar: Chemistry

High Achiever ATAR Award: Students who achieved an ATAR above 85. This puts them in the top 15% of students across the state.

Ethan Trethowan, Madalyn McGill, Emma Winzar, Macy Le Huray, Luke Spiteri, Joshua Eagle, Erin Crowe, Madeline Rizzo and Kenrick Mascarenhas

College Dux:

Ethan Trethowan who achieved an ATAR of 97.2.

Ethan also received the subject dux for Biology, English Language & Languages - Italian.

Kerrie-Ann Matthews

Director of Community Relations

From the Deputy Principal (Students)

Swimming Sports Day

We are holding our inter-house swimming sports next Tuesday, 19th February at Melton Waves. This is a normal school day, therefore all students are required to be in attendance. The Student Leaders will be running a BBQ and drink stall throughout the day. Students are not permitted to organise a food/lunch delivery from outside businesses, e.g. pizza. If they do so, the food will be confiscated and then available for pick up at the end of the day.

It is most important that students come well prepared to avoid being sunburnt. Each student should have now purchased the CRC cap as part of their uniform. Sunscreen will be available on the day and students will be reminded to be sun smart. Students also need to wear swimwear that is appropriate for a school swimming sports competition and not the beach. Year 12 students are the only year level not required to wear their PE uniform as they have a dress up theme. All other year levels are required to wear their PE uniform to and from the Swimming Carnival.


I remind parents/guardians that on the occasion that your child will be late or absent from school, you are asked to contact the College in advance on 8099 6000 and follow the prompt to record your child’s absence. A note in the College diary needs to be provided and shown to the student’s Homeroom teachers on their return.

All students who arrive to school after Homeroom MUST sign in at the Student Office. Failing to do so results in parents receiving an SMS from the College indicating their child is not here which causes unnecessary confusion and distress.

Phones at School

Staff have been enforcing the policy of confiscating phones from students if they have them out during the school day, much to the annoyance of students. However, staff have commented more students are engaged in more physical activities or conversation with their peers at lunchtime and recess. I spoke to one student when returning her phone at the end of the day, asking how she went not having her phone, she responded, "I got some work done because I wasn't distracted".

Student Performances

Two of our Year 10 students Regina Laumata and Shannon Tuilaepa recently performed live on stage at the Australian Open on Sunday January 13. This came as a result of the students participating in music workshops run by the Mushroom Group late last year. Their performances were incredibly well-received to a sold out audience and they have secured another performance opportunity.

In terms of the next performance opportunity, along with other Voice for Change student participants, Regina and Shannon will be performing at the NGV Teens Arts Party next Saturday 16th February at NGV Melbourne. This is another fantastic opportunity to showcase the original tracks they recorded in January, which are set for release Friday 22nd February.

Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal Students

From the Director of Learning

The ATAR or Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank is the number that determines a Year 12 student’s entry into university. Students who complete scored VCE studies will receive their ATAR (out of 100) in the December of their Year 12 study. Speaking in very rough terms, the ATAR number scored by a student is the percentage of students they did better than in the state. For example, if a student got an ATAR score of 90, it roughly means they did better than 90% of the students in the state. So how do students get the best ATAR score that they can?

The achievement of an ATAR that reflects the student’s best effort is the result of many things- careful preparation for their Year 12 year starting in Year 7, choosing the correct course and subjects, academic talent, work ethic, home study and a consistent program of regular revision throughout the year. Students must take advantage of every learning opportunity at CRC Melton and plan to develop the skills they require to cope with the academic rigour of a scored VCE pathway starting at Year 7.

Upon speaking with Year 12 high achievers over the years, it is always apparent how important regular revision and home study has been in the achievement of their success. It is an expectation of the College that students complete the following amount of home study:

  • Year 7 - 45 minutes (5 evenings per week)
  • Year 8 - 60 minutes (5 evenings per week)
  • Year 9 - 75 minutes (5 evenings per week)
  • Year 10 - 90 minutes (6 evenings per week)
  • Year 11 - 120 to 150 minutes (6 evenings per week)
  • Year 12 at least 150 to 180 minutes (6 evenings per week)

So how does at home study relate to the ATAR? At home study is where students consolidate their learning; embedding the skills and knowledge learnt in class that day and relating this knowledge to the assessment in that subject. It is where students make study notes, memorise facts, read texts, complete exercises and past exam questions and compile lists of queries to ask their teachers. VCE high achievers around the state are always the students who have a program of regular revision. It is generally accepted that the relationship between the ATAR score a student achieves and the hours of home study they complete in Year 12 follows the rough pattern:

  • 1 hour of home study per night will provide possibility for the student to score an ATAR of about 20.
  • 1.5 hours of home study per night will provide possibility for the student to score an ATAR of about 30.
  • 2 hours of home study per night will provide possibility for the student to score an ATAR of about 40.
  • 2.5 hours of home study per night will provide possibility for the student to score an ATAR of between 50 and 60.
  • 3 hours of home study per night will provide possibility for the student to score an ATAR of about 70.
  • 3.5 hours of home study per night will provide possibility for the student to score an ATAR of 80 or above.

I encourage all parents and guardians to speak with their student about their ATAR goal. Are they meeting the home study requirement in the year level they are currently in? Is their home study honest preparation for the hours required in Year 12? Are they choosing subjects that are realistic for their academic ability?

Narelle Layton

Director of Learning

2019 European Tour

Information Evening

For families who have a student or students attending the 2019 Tour, there will be a final information evening on Thursday 7th of March at 7:00pm in the PAC.

If you have any questions you would like addressed for the group, please contact Carissa Lock ( or Paul Iannazzo (


There is one position available for the European Tour which will run from 4th April - 27th April, 2019 touring Poland and Italy.

The position is available to students who are currently in Years 9-12. The cost of the Tour is $6,900 which includes flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfasts and some dinners, activities, museum and other site entries, guides and insurance.

Please contact Paul Iannazzo ( if you would like more information. Applications will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Paul Iannazzo

Tour Coordinator

Fiesta for a Farmer Fundraiser - The End Result

Last year we raised funds for our struggling farmers. The money was distributed by The Country Women's Association in White Cliffs NSW. We received these wonderful pictures which show the children of the surrounding farming communities enjoying a Christmas celebration which was supported by our fundraiser. These children attend School of the Air in NSW. Thanks to everyone who supported our fundraiser.

Daniela Harrington, Hollie Whitlock & Marg Rowe-Watts

Melton Phoenix Soccer Club

Melton Pheonix is a not for profit local community club seeking junior players of all abilities to participate in the sporting activity of soccer. We pride ourselves as being a family friendly club that is all inclusive, in a fair, safe and supporting environment.

If you would like more information, please contact Emily on 0437 310 194.

Emily Edwards

Junior Coordinator

2020 Rotary Youth Exchange

Exchange Program

Are you a Year 9, 10 or 11 student? You may qualify as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student and have the opportunity to live and study in Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Taiwan, Brazil, Hungary, Norway, Spain, Poland, or Switzerland.

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is a unique opportunity for students to experience the culture of a new country, to learn a new language and develop new friendships.

Applications are now being accepted and close on Sunday 7th April 2019. Students must be under the age of 17 years and 6 months, as at 1st January in the year of departure.

Further information is available from -

Rotary Youth Exchange Victoria (RYEV) – encompassing all Rotary districts in Victoria – is approved by the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA) to provide secondary student exchange programs into and from Victoria.

Host Families Invited Now

Rotary Youth Exchange invites kind and caring Host Families within the community to assist local Rotary Clubs offering an outstanding exchange program to young people from all over the World.

A Host Family is a vital part of this cultural and educational exchange and typically hosts a student on a voluntary basis for a period of between 10 to 16 weeks. In doing so, a Host family officially becomes a Friend of Rotary International. The Host Family plays an integral role in offering the student the experience of a new culture and language, whilst at the same time learning itself about a different culture from a young leader. It is a direct window to the world for all members of a Host family.

You not only share a young person’s hopes and dreams, but more importantly, you make those dreams possible. Hosting is the beginning of a lifelong friendship and connection with a student and family overseas. Whilst it can be challenging to help a young person transition to a new culture and ease into the surroundings, it is always fun and the rewards are immeasurable.

Host Families in the Rotary Youth Exchange program come in many shapes and sizes! Young children, older children, and no children at all, extended families and older generations – all have been successful in hosting exchange students.

Please consider this amazing and rewarding opportunity now. Enquiries are most welcome.

Gabrielle Morgan

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