Weekly Reflection

Lord Jesus,

Master of both the light and the darkness, we wait in hope.

We who have so much to do seek quiet spaces to hear your voice each day.

We who are anxious over many things look forward to your coming among us.

We who are blessed in so many ways long for the complete joy of your kingdom.

We whose hearts are heavy seek the joy of your presence.

We are your people, walking in darkness, yet seeking the light.

To you we say, ‘Come Lord Jesus!’

Henri Nouwen

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

In my first year as Principal, I could never have imagined the turmoil of 2020. Throughout this year, I have been eternally grateful for the support of the leadership team, our staff and parents and guardians as we navigated uncharted territory together.

As I reflect on the year, I cannot help but think of the incredible opportunities that resulted from our pivot to distance learning. One of the greatest strengths to develop was communication with parents. This close partnership is an aspect staff will look to continue and build on in 2021.

Another positive was the increased collaboration between staff to provide lessons that cater for the different learning needs of students. We will continue to embed this in our learning and teaching in 2021.

As the year draws to a close, the fatigue of uncertainty in 2020 is evident in our students and staff. So it is with great expectation that we approach the holidays. I hope families can celebrate Christmas together and take time to relax and re-energise.

Last Sunday marked the second Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time of preparation and waiting and in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, we are encouraged to consider the significant event of the birth of Christ.

One way we can prepare is to set aside time to pray. In the business of buying presents and preparing for holidays, it is easy to forget to pause and be present with our God.

I encourage students, staff and families to set aside time for prayer this Christmas - to reflect on the year that was and to think about the significance of the birth of Jesus.

I am a great believer in the 5 Ps - Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This year my prayer for our College community is that we find time to prepare spiritually for our Christmas celebrations.

This week, staff are involved in both curriculum planning and final week celebrations. Some teachers have taken the decorate-your-pod challenge very seriously, with workspaces transformed for the Christmas season (pictured below). I look forward to the judging!

Staff service recognition

I would like to thank and congratulate several staff members who have contributed significant years of service to the College.


I would also like to acknowledge and farewell staff who are leaving our College community.

Firstly two of our long-serving and highly regarded deputy principals - Mr Rob Blackley, Deputy Principal of Students and Mr John Christie, Deputy Principal of Staff.

Both have brought incredible wisdom, commitment and leadership to staff and students for the past nine years and leave the College well placed for the future. I thank them for their support in my first year as Principal and for their tireless efforts to ensure our students and staff thrive and succeed. We wish them all the very best.

We also say goodbye to Year 7 Coordinator Ms Rebecca Spiteri, Year 9 GADAL Program Director Ms Lauren Hill and Sports Coordinator Mr Dean Henneman who will take up positions at new schools in 2021. I thank them all for their hard work over many years and for their valuable contributions to our College.

I wish all our students, staff and families a safe, restful and holy Christmas.
Marlene Jorgensen


Looking Ahead

Dates to remember
Wednesday 9 DecemberStudent reports available via PAM
Friday 29 January 2021 First day for Year 7 students only
Monday 1 February 2021Year 7 to 12 students begin Term 1

From the Deputy Principal Staff

Office closures

Due to end of year activities, please note that the College Reception will be closed on:

Friday 11 December from 1.30pm

Tuesday 15 December from 10.15am

The College will close for the year on Friday 18 December at 2pm and reopen on Thursday 21 January 2021.

2021 start dates

Our new Year 7 students will begin the year with an orientation day on Friday 29 January with all Year 7 to 12 classes starting on Monday 1 February.

As this is my last newsletter article, I would like to thank the CRC Melton community for all their support during my nine years here. It has been a privilege to be involved in the development of the College and the education of your children. I wish the College all the best for its future growth and development.
John Christie

Deputy Principal Staff

From the Deputy Principal Students


Throughout 2020, I have endeavoured to provide tips and strategies from organisations such as Headspace, the Resilience Project and Reach Out to help the College community with the extraordinary challenges we have all faced dealing with COVID-19.

In my final contribution to the newsletter, I would like to share advice from Headspace that I received this week.

The change in routine brought on by the holiday break can sometimes make young people feel isolated and alone. Holidays can take students away from friends and their usual school supports.

To help families support their child’s mental health and wellbeing in the holidays, Headspace has developed a factsheet that provides some simple and valuable tips. Follow the link the read more. Support your young person during the holidays

You may also find the resources on Beyond Blue’s Healthy Homes page beneficial. Healthy Homes

Preparing for 2021

It is important to refer to the College Uniform Policy when you begin preparing your child to return to school in 2021.

We appreciate that school uniforms are bought towards the end of the summer break. We encourage families to check the policy to ensure students return to the College in 2021 with the correct items.

For example, the policy clearly states the type of school shoe that is permitted; it must be a black leather lace-up shoe. Boots and black runner-type school shoes are not acceptable.

Students wearing PE uniform must wear CRC sports socks. The PE uniform can only be worn by students when they have PE, Drama or Dance classes or compete at SACCSS or Premier League competition days.

Students are required to wear their school uniform at all full school assemblies and official events such as College masses and awards ceremonies. Students must wear their blazer if they decide to wear their jumper to school as the blazer is the external garment.

At the end of this year, an increasing number of girls were wearing false nails to school. Not only is this not permitted, but it is also a significant safety issue. Practical subjects such as Food Studies, PE and Design and Technology pose risks to students if they are wearing false nails.

We also saw an increase in students wearing facial piercings or multiple piercings. These are not permitted at the College.

When students return in 2021, a zero-tolerance approach will be taken towards those who are not in the correct uniform. Please become familiar with the policy and encourage your child to be aware of what is allowed. The policy is attached below and can be found on the College website and in the student planner.

Catholic Regional College Melton Uniform Policy

Student expectations and behaviour

As a Catholic community, we respect the dignity of all. Part of living in a community requires a clear understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all to maintain a harmonious environment where all can flourish.

The role of educating a child is a joint responsibility between parents and schools. It is a partnership that endeavours to see the child flourish, grow and reach their full potential. An important part of this education is setting guidelines and boundaries for behaviour. Our role is to set clear expectations and ensure parents and guardians and students understand them.

At the start of the school year, all students will be given an enrolment agreement that sets out our expectations. Students are required to sign the document and return it to their homeroom teachers by the end of the first week. We believe asking students to commit to a reasonable set of conditions is the first step to fostering greater ownership of their behaviour.

As I mentioned earlier, this is my last contribution to the newsletter before I leave CRC Melton, having spent nine years as the Deputy Principal of Students.

It has been a privilege being a member of this community and I leave with fond memories and the hope that I have made a positive contribution to the culture of the College. I wish all families a very safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Stay safe and goodbye.
Rob Blackley

Deputy Principal Students

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 students enjoyed their final week of 2020 on a one-night camp to Weekaway in Benloch.

Students were full of excitement as they took part in activities such as archery and raft building. Some students took advantage of the warm weather and “accidentally” capsized their canoe. Most were brave enough to give the Possum Glider a try too.

Homeroom teachers spent time with their classes making damper and watching students get a little lost in the giant maze. Students were able to wind down with their classmates during the movie night and all were kept dry during a downpour that came through on Tuesday.

After a challenging year, it was lovely to see the Year 7 students enjoy a couple of days away.

Thank you to all the homeroom teachers and staff that made the experience possible.

Rebecca Spiteri

Year 7 Coordinator

Year 8 Sports and Activity Day

Year 8 students ended the school year with a Sports and Activity Day with a wide range of activities offered to engage students across the cohort.

The day began with a cryptic scavenger hunt around the school after which students chose to take part in basketball, soccer, volleyball, AFL, e-sports, chess and board games or Dungeons and Dragons.

There was plenty of competition in the various sporting arenas while other students happily chose a quiet activity with friends.

Year 9 Camp

To end this tumultuous year on a positive note, the Year 9 students went on camp to complete their Rite Journey program. It was a great way to end the school year, with students involved in a variety of fun activities and challenges.

Our young women went to Grantville, on the Mornington Peninsula, while our young men went to Rose’s Gap, in the Grampians. Usually, the camp is held at the beginning of the year with a focus on forging and developing friendships, learning new skills and facing challenges to help the students bond as a Rite Journey group. However, given the camp was held at the end of the year, the emphasis switched to one of reflection. We asked students to explore how they had grown and the skills they developed during the challenges of 2020.

Students participated in activities such as high ropes courses, giant swings or ‘leaps of faith’, initiative courses, bushwalking, canoeing, raft building, survivor challenges and trivia and movie nights. While these activities were full of laughs and enjoyment, they also pushed many students outside their comfort zones, developing their growth and resilience.

Students also took part in a Rite Journey session where they reflected on their year and identified short and long-term goals for their future.

They wrote a letter to their future self, to be opened in Year 12, along with the time capsule they created in Year 7. Students then created a bracelet or anklet. This was made out of a washer that had letters or words of the skills or value they treasure most, tied with a leather strap.

The bracelet is a symbol of what they want to take with them into their future.

We thank all the staff and students who attended. The students always had a positive attitude, high levels of participation and treated each other with respect and kindness throughout the camp.

The camp staff were incredibly impressed with their behaviour and attitude and told us to, “keep doing whatever you are doing” at CRC Melton. This is a real testament not only to the students themselves but to the Rite Journey Program.

We wish the students all the best on their Christmas holidays.

Lauren Hill, Jason Rowley and Meryem McLeod

Year 9 Leadership Team

Languages Update

Nationally recognised certificates in Applied Language have been awarded to 23 of our students ranging from Year 10 to 12.

Congratulations to our Year 10 Italian students who obtained the Certificate II in Applied Language: Alleya Bautista, Abuk Chol, Cate Cimarelli, Ellie Grainger, Ky Horton, Sarsha Horton, Kiyuss Leski, Sara Mantilla Mesa, Lauren Morgan, Heidi Pardinas, Heather Petelo Sauvao, Morgan Philpin, Lilly Portelli, Jasmine Razlog, Hero Rosales, Lana Sciberras, Nerrie Silva, Allan St Martin and Monique Wroblewski.

Congratulations also to Year 12 students Madeleine Hodge, Tileah Downs, Madeline Razlog and Chelsea Gould who received their Certificate III in Applied Language.

A wonderful achievement by all.

Claudia Russo

Languages Domain Leader

Advent Youth Event

Youth Connect Nights are an opportunity for students in Year 7 to 12 to come together, meet new people and support each other in their relationship with Christ.

Youth Connect is led by CRC students for CRC students. The group's first event will be held on Thursday 10 December from 4 to 6 pm in the chapel, beginning with games, introductions, a snack, adoration and opportunity for reconciliation.

A reflection talk by Fr Marcus Goulding, will help participants prepare their hearts and minds for the coming of Christ. A perfect way to end the school year and prepare for the great days of Christmas. Click here to register

If you have any questions, please contact me at smarysarah@crcmelton.com.au.

Sr Mary Sarah Galbraith


New Parent Handbook

The College has compiled a new Parent Handbook, available now on our website.

The handbook includes procedures, policies and other guides on topics commonly accessed by parents and guardians.

It is designed to help you and your child navigate day-to-day life at the College with information on everything from key contacts, attendance and homework to emergency management, school fees and student wellbeing.

2021 CRC Melton Parent Handbook 

Students Bake Christmas Treats

Our Food Studies students have embraced the spirit of Christmas by baking some delicious treats to finish off the term.

Students developed many practical cooking skills including learning how to work with pastry, how to master the creaming method to make biscuit dough, how to work with egg whites to successfully make royal icing, as well as developing their decorating and food presentation skills.

They really enjoyed cooking up a Christmas storm!

Below are two of the simple recipes that families might like to try at home. They make an impressive Christmas Day treat or delicious edible Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Wishing the entire College community, a very Merry Christmas and festive holiday season.

Happy baking!

Kristina Stefanovska

Design and Technology Domain Leader

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