Weekly Reflection

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. It heralds the Church’s season of Lent.

It is a time for us to turn away from what keeps us from living the Gospel, and to remind ourselves that we are called to live lives based on justice.

Over these 40 days, may the Holy Spirit give us the strength to act justly, the courage to love tenderly and the faith to walk humbly with our God, that we might rejoice in the triumph of God’s justice in Jesus at Easter.

In this annual, spiritual renewal the Church offers us the disciplines of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Why do we undertake these disciplines? Each of them is about turning ourselves into God’s presence. In prayer we sit in stillness. By fasting we feel the emptiness that only God can fill and by works of charity we remember that we all exist by the gift of grace.

Why not take on one of these practices this Lent and encourage those in our school and community to do the same, and let God anew into our lives?

Forty Days

Forty days alone, a wilderness of thoughts,tempting and inviting thoughts,
which could so easily have distracted you from your task, your mission, your vision.

Yet you emerged, stronger and more attuned to all that had to be done,
despite a time constraint that to our eyes would have seemed hopeless.

We too live in stressful times. Demands are made of our time that leave so little for the important things of life.

We are easily distracted in the wilderness of our lives, by every call to go this way or that, to turn stone to bread, leap from mountains, and do all that would keep us from the truth.

We listen to the voices of this world and ignore the one who endured all this
and so much more, and emerged triumphant, that we might not have to suffer so.

Forgive us, Father, when we get distracted from our task.

Forgive us those times when we try to be all things to all men, and fail to be anything to anyone.

Shaun Coates

Director of Catholic Identity

From the Principal

In a shaken sieve the rubbish is left behind, so too the defects of a person appear in their talk.

The kiln tests the work of the potter,

The test of a person is in their conversation.

The orchard where the tree grows is judged on the quality of its fruit,

Similarly, a person’s words betray what they feel.

Do not praise a person before they have spoken,

Since this is the test of a person.

Ecclesiasticus 27:4-7

This reading from mass last Sunday seems so relevant for us today.

In our current context, our words are communicated through a wide variety of media - Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, talk-back radio, and reality television. Once posted or broadcast, the content is always available and the words cannot be truly deleted. They reach a broad audience and influence how others see us.

Too often, we hear via these channels a stream of vitriol. People spread harmful remarks or inappropriate pictures. Videos and Tik Tok incite disrespect and hatred rather than inclusion, care and hope.

Pope Francis tells us that gossip is a form of terrorism. It aims to tear people apart rather than bring harmony.

This week I ask all parents to talk to the young people in their care about the types of social media posts they engage in. Are they demonstrating “quality fruit” or contributing to division and hatred in our community? Our words are a test of our character and reveal much about ourselves.

Ash Wednesday signals the beginning of 40 days of preparation before the celebration of Easter. We receive the ashes on our forehead as a reminder to reflect on our sins and commit to penitential preparation for the Easter celebration.

As we commence our Lenten preparations, perhaps this is an ideal time to commit to using only words that build-up, show compassion, and send a message of hope.

Marlene Jorgensen


Looking Ahead

Dates to remember
Tuesday 8 MarchCollege Swimming and Multisports carnivals
Monday 14 MarchLabour Day holiday
Monday 21 MarchYear 7 camps begin
Wednesday 30 MarchParents and Friends meeting
Tuesday 5 AprilParent Student Teacher Interviews 4pm-7pm
Thursday 7 AprilParent Student Teacher Interviews 4pm-7pm
Friday 8 AprilStudent study at home day. Term 1 concludes
Tuesday 26 AprilTerm 2 begins

From the Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Last Tuesday, we celebrated the 2021 Senior Awards Ceremony for Year 10, 11 and 12.

It was wonderful to see so many of our students walk across the stage to receive 160 excellence awards acknowledging academic, citizenship, community, consistent effort, sport and leadership involvement.

Scholarships in Religious Education and academic excellence were awarded and acknowledged. Our 2021 College Dux, Solomon Miesen, delivered an inspiring speech to the senior students. Solomon participated in many extracurricular activities while also dedicating the time required to achieve outstanding academic results. He spoke about balance in Year 12 and being committed to the outcome you want to achieve. You can read his full speech here. 2021 College Dux Speech - Solomon Miesen

Thank you to the families who could attend to see their child receive their award. You should be very proud of their achievements. For students, past students and families unable to attend due to commitments or health issues, a link to view the ceremony has been sent to you.

Our music department showcased student talent with individual and College Ensemble performances at the ceremony. Please contact Mr Daniel Askew, daskew@crcmelton.com.au, if your child is passionate about music and would like to join our music groups or enrol in private lessons.

Collaborative Curriculum Planning

Our teachers meet regularly in Collaborative Curriculum Planning (CCP) groups. During this time we reflect, review, revise and reset to ensure the learning experience meets the needs of all learners in our classroom. The CRC Melton mantra is 12 months of growth for 12 months of learning. The dedicated staff continue to work positively around the challenging COVID environment. We thank families as they work in partnership with us.

Joanne Holmes

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

Pop-up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at CRC Melton

The College will host a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic in the Performing Arts Centre foyer this Thursday 3 March and Friday 4 March from 3pm to 7pm.

There will be expert clinical staff on-site to answer any questions you might have about vaccination and Dinka-speaking interpreters who can help you communicate with the medical team.

The Pfizer vaccine will be available for students and their families including parents, grandparents and younger siblings aged 5-11.

Importantly, even if you're not quite ready to be vaccinated, you are welcome to visit the clinic and talk to the medical staff who are happy to help and support you. They understand if you want more time to think about it and choose not to get vaccinated that day.

If you have any questions, please contact our Deputy Principal Operations, Staffing and Strategic Intent, Mr Michael Wilcock or Community Liaison Officer Abraham Jongroor on 8099 6000.

Click here to watch a short video in Dinka about the pop-up clinic.

Canteen Orders on Ash Wednesday

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the canteen will not serve any meat products for breakfast, recess or lunch.

There will be plenty of meat-free options available such as the veggie burger, pastizzi, margherita pizza, fried rice, spring rolls, wedges, vegetable samosas, cheese or cheese and tomato toasties, salad sandwiches or rolls and hash browns.

These items can be ordered via your Flexischools App or at the canteen.

To set up a Flexischools account, do an online search for Flexischools, register and follow the prompts.

CRC Melton Canteen

Project Compassion Launch

Today, (Tuesday 1 March - Shrove Tuesday), 15 students from Year 7 to 12, took part in the Caritas Australia online incursion to celebrate the launch of the Project Compassion Appeal and bring to life the theme For All Future Generations.

The theme reminds us that what we do today will impact the lives of generations to come, and by working together we can find long-term solutions to global issues.

Through Project Compassion, Caritas Australia brings Australians together to help vulnerable communities find a path out of poverty.

During Lent, which begins tomorrow with Ash Wednesday, staff and students are invited to show their support for the Appeal through their actions. Collection boxes will be in homerooms for donations.

Watch this space each week for inspirational stories about how your donations to Project Compassion can make a real difference to the lives of people from across the world.

Trish Griffin

Social Justice Coordinator

2021 Senior Awards Ceremony

Our 2021 Senior Awards Ceremony was held at the College last Tuesday to celebrate the academic achievements of students in another extraordinary year.

A full list of award recipients is available below and we congratulate all students on their achievements.

You can view the recipient list as a PDF here: Senior Award Winners 2021

Read a transcript of the speech by 2021 College Dux Solomon Miesen from the awards ceremony here. Read now

To read more about College awards and scholarships click here

Senior Awards Gallery

Year 10 2021

Year 10 Duxes

Year 10 Subject Duxes

Year 10 Citizenship Award (left) and Sport Award

Andrea Closter Award (left) and Kwong Lee Dow Award

Year 10 Academic Consistency Award

Year 11 2021

Year 11 Subject Duxes

Year 11 Dux (left) and Arts Award

Year 11 Sport Award (left) and Marita Miesen Award

Father Brian Glasheen Scholarship (left) and SSAV Sportsmanship - Fair Play Award (John Landy)

Year 11 Academic Consistency Award

Year 12 2021

College Dux

Unit 3/4 Subject Duxes

Unit 3/4 High Achiever Study Score (40+)

Principal's Award

Year 12 Major Awards (various)

Sports Update

This week, our Senior Netball and Cricket teams played Emmanuel College in Round 3. Both teams played spectacularly and came home with a win! The Cricket team has notched up two wins from three games, while our netballers scored their first victory of the competition. Well done to all!

Special mentions go to Sarsha Kerton for her amazing work as goal shooter and Lucy Taylor for her impeccable efforts as centre. Well done also to Ben Grambau who was our leading batter in cricket.

Year 10 Premier League

Our Year 10 students played their first round of home games this week.

Soccer teams travelled to MacPherson Park, and our Volleyball, Basketball and Netball teams enjoyed playing at Cobblebank’s new six-court stadium.

The results from Round 3 were as follows:

Girls Basketball – Marymede Catholic College (MCC) def CRC 40-51

Boys A Basketball – CRC def MCC 56-50

Boys B Basketball – MCC def CRC 65-23

Girls Netball – Penola Catholic College (PCC) def CRC 26-20

Girls Volleyball – CRC def MCC 3-0

Boys Volleyball – CRC def MCC 3-0

Girls Soccer – PCC def CRC 10-0

Boys Soccer – CRC def PCC 5-2

Swimming Carnival Spectator Update

A reminder to parents and guardians that our annual Swimming and Multisport Carnival is on next Tuesday 8 March.

If you would like to attend the Swimming Carnival as a spectator, please enter Melton Waves through the front entrance where you will be asked to provide proof of double COVID-19 vaccination and pay the entrance fee of $2.80.

Mikaela Hurst

Sports Coordinator

Year 10 Media

Year 10 Media students are exploring small-circulation, self-published works called zines. They include a mix of original or appropriated texts and images and are usually reproduced via photocopying.

Our class was divided into two groups that produced two unique zines. Each member was assigned one or two pages, and students had to consider colour schemes as a unifying element and how they would interpret the focus of their group for their page or pages.

What People Watch explores the film and TV interests of teenagers.  Click here to view

Ready Play-A Won explores the concept of games and how different this looks for different people. Click here to view

Lauren Whitford

Media Teacher

Baby Think It Over Program

Year 9 students completing the Child Care elective were worn out at the end of last week after taking care of a computerised baby doll for 48 hours.

This infant simulator cries like a real baby to let students experience the challenges and responsibilities of caring for an infant. The care provided by students is recorded and students also document their experience in a journal.

Independent parenting is encouraged, and the students are invited to share and discuss their experience with the class.

Aruai and Diana (pictured) were among the tired students at the end of the parenting simulation. However, their result from the computer was 97% demonstrating that both ‘mothers’ did an outstanding job!

This elective subject runs over one semester in Year 9 and includes the Baby Think It Over Program.

Sandra Carey


Collection Notice – Student Residential Address and Other Information

The College has been asked to provide the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment with student residential address and other information required under the Australian Education Regulation 2013 (Cth).

The College is required to provide the department with the following information about each student:

  • Names and residential addresses of students’ parent(s) and/or guardian(s)
  • Student residential address (excluding student names)
  • Whether the student is a primary or secondary student (education level)
  • Whether the student is boarding or a day student (boarding status).

The College generates a unique and unidentifiable record number for each student record. The number is only used by the school for this collection. It is not allowed to be used for any other purpose. The number indicates to the department that each record provided is for one student.

The information collected will be used to inform school funding calculations.

More information is available below.

2022 Collection Notice - Student Residential Address and Other Information

Instrumental Music Lessons

The College offers a wider range of private instrumental music lessons in piano, guitar, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and vocal tuition.

Playing a musical instrument has so many benefits. It improves your memory and mathematical ability, refines your time management and organisational skills and teaches you perseverance, to name a few.

Students who enrol in private instrumental lessons will also have an opportunity to perform at various College functions, such as school masses, liturgies, assemblies, concerts, and the wider community. The 25-minute classes are held during the school day.

For more details or to enrol in a lesson email Instrumental Music Coordinator, Daniel Askew: daskew@crcmleton.com.au

Community Notices

Community Road Safety Forum

The City of Melton will host a Community Road Safety Forum, on Thursday 31 March at the Melton Library targeting new or younger drivers aged 16 to 21 and their parent and guardians.

The forum will include guest speakers from Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and the Road Trauma Support Services who will talk about the rules of the road, and share some life experiences about being involved in, or responding to traffic accidents.

Every young driver who attends will go in the draw to win free driving lessons and other prizes. Click below for more information or to register visit meltonlearning.com.au/events/roadsafetyforum/

Community Road Safety Forum

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