Student Creativity Shines

Distance Learning has created many challenges for the Art department but has also pushed us to think outside the box.

Within the Art faculty, we have the subjects of Art, Media, Visual Communication Design, Dance, Drama and Music. These subjects rely heavily on interactions between students or the use of specialised equipment, which can make things difficult when students are learning alone in their home.

Our creative Art staff have stepped up and developed activities to engage and empower their students. Art classes are now about using whatever materials can be found around the house. Tin foil becomes the basis for sculpture and kitchen utensils become the inspiration for designing new creatures. Dance classes are about teaching mum or dad a TiK Tok dance while Drama students perform solos that are recorded and uploaded for assessment.

Art in all its forms has been a reason to put the devices down and get creative. Rather than working within the constraints of 75-minute classes, students have been indulging in their art for more extended periods. Finding their creative flow has led to hours of enjoyment and the work teachers have received reflect this.

I want to thank our dedicated Art staff for their commitment to reinventing the curriculum to keep students engaged during this difficult learning experience.

Most importantly a huge congratulations to our amazing students who have shown that nothing gets in the way of creativity.

Amy Rowley

Arts Domain Leader

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