In The Art Studio

Our Year 12 Studio Arts students were on site at the College last week to work on their VCE folio. Their teacher Kath Jones reflected on the group’s time in the senior art studio space and provided some images of the students and their stunning work.

“The senior art studio was buzzing as we all painted together, myself included. Sometimes we sat in a silent contemplative manner, other times stopping for in-depth conversations about life, spirituality, racism, with sprinkles of laughter in between. It was terrific and it is days like this that I say “thank God I became a teacher”. If anyone has ever experienced being in a room full of artists working together in one big space, the feeling can be electric as you create, discuss and analyse life and one another’s artworks. As an artist it is the best feeling. However, when you are doing it with your art students, it is even better.

“I think the one thing COVID-19 has taught my students and I, is to appreciate what you have and not to worry about what you haven’t got. The students were expressing this as they talked about missing school and having a greater appreciation of us, their teachers.

“The images below are all works in progress. I hope you will be able to view the completed work at the end of year VCE exhibition.”

Artwork by Alana Sammut
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