Languages in Distance Learning

It has been a busy term in the Languages Domain with students showing confidence using Microsoft Teams and submitting work seamlessly via Assignments and Class Notebook during Distance Learning Mode 2.0 (DLM).

Year 7 students are learning about the differences between school life in Australia and Italy. In their unstructured lessons, they raided craft boxes and kitchen pantries to create an Italian monument or traditional dish. There were some fantastic Colosseums, Leaning Towers of Pisa and culinary skills displayed to impress their teachers.

Our Year 8 students enjoyed a virtual tour of the Ravenna Zoo in Italy as part of their learning about animals in the wild and captivity. Students produced PicCollages of their favourite animals or beloved pets. They also honoured special people in their lives by producing a card or mini poster for Father’s Day. Year 8 students now face an important decision about whether to continue their study of Italian in 2021. Our language teachers are encouraging them to recognise the power of being bilingual.

Birthday celebrations (post lockdown) have been the focus for Year 9 Italian and Indonesian students whose assessment task has been to read and write invitations.

We are pleased to announce that we will once again have a VCE Italian class in 2021 thanks to our Year 10 students who have chosen to continue their language studies.

Our Year 12 Italian students are showing outstanding commitment and motivation towards their studies. They speak Italian with their peers online, have provided the class with a quote and joke every lesson and approach their assessment tasks with diligence and optimism.

Although assessment tasks have been completed online, students have performed exceptionally well. They have written a personal blog about volunteer work, a letter of complaint to a travel agent and are working on a brochure about city tours. We wish our VCE class every success in their final exams and future endeavours.

Italian Quiz continues

Year 10 student Nathan Furtado used last week’s Who Am I clues to correctly name famous astronomer, physicist and engineer Galileo Galilei in our ongoing Italian Quiz.

In the previous week, Ophelia Fernando identified well known opera singer Luciano Pavarotti to become the Year 9 winner and this week it’s over to Year 11 students to name a famous film actress.

Claudia Russo

Languages Domain Leader

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