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As we near the end of yet another term in Distance Learning Mode (DLM), I’d like to congratulate students for remaining engaged and committed to their studies. The Design and Technology teachers are proud of the sustained effort students have shown. Their resilience and adaptability have resulted in some very creative and inspiring design solutions across all Design and Technology learning areas.


Our Year 12 Food Studies and Product Design and Technology Wood students are currently working on completing their final School-based Assessments. They will soon begin important preparation for their end of year examinations.

In Food Studies students have focussed on global and Australian food systems. They are currently examining issues relating to sustainable food production and developing research reports with their proposals for future solutions to food issues such as climate change and global food insecurity.

A recent update to by the Victorian Government to COVID-19 restrictions means our Year 12 Product Design and Technology Wood students can now attend onsite once a week to access the materials, tools, equipment and machines they need to complete their wood products.

Food Studies

Our Year 10 Food Studies students are examining global food security and food sustainability.

As part of Science Week, they took part in a LaTrobe University webinar exploring a range of food science topics. This was an interactive webinar that saw students work on food solutions to improve the nutritional health of global communities. Free food boxes were delivered to their homes containing a range of innovative and on-trend food products.

As students further explore the journey food takes from paddock to plate, they are excitedly awaiting grow your own mushroom kits, which are being delivered to their homes. The homegrown mushrooms will be used to create recipes in response to the requirements of a design brief.

Our Year 9 Food Studies students have been working collaboratively to develop a magazine showcasing how foods from around the world that shape Australian cuisine can be combined with Indigenous ingredients to create nutritious solutions for healthy eating.

In Year 8 Food Studies classes, students have been learning about the foundations of Food Studies, including food safety and hygiene, basic nutrition principles and factors affecting our food choices.

Students have been getting into their home kitchens to practice fundamental cooking skills such as measuring, identifying tools and equipment, and learning how to read and interpret recipes.

They are now working on their assessment task, which requires them to observe the preparation of an evening family meal at home. Parents and guardians are encouraged to engage with their child’s learning - spending quality time together in the kitchen helps build on essential life skills.

Wood and Metal

Year 7 Product Design and Technology Wood students have been learning about mechanical systems and working with a design brief that required the creation of a catapult using everyday items found at home.

Students explore how force, motion, kinetic and potential energy can be manipulated to optimise the distance a load can be propelled by adjusting angles.

Our Year 9 and 10 Design and Technology Wood students are working through the design process to create a small piece of furniture. Students are using this term to design their products and will create them when they return onsite.

Year 10 Design and Technology Metal students have investigated the characteristics and properties of various materials and applied measuring techniques to create engineered solutions involving orthogonal drawings and designs of their own homes.


Year 8 Design and Technology Fibre students have investigated four natural fibres including cotton, silk, linen and wool and examined the production and sustainable use of these fibres.

Students used this knowledge to design a ‘soft monster’ using sustainable or recycled materials.

Our Year 10 Design and Technology Fibre students have designed and created sock toys using recycled materials from home. They are now completing a brief in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that calls on them to design and produce face masks.

I would like to thank our Design and Technology teachers who have continued to develop and deliver innovative and engaging curriculum programs for students during DLM.

Kristina Stefanovska

Design and Technology Domain Leader

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