Baking Challenge

Year 7 Reed held a My Kitchen Rules Baking Challenge last month to see who could bake the best cookies or biscuits.

Students submitted photos to Mr Tammaro (who played the role of the judge Manu Feildel). Mr Tammaro scored how well our creations were presented, while family members taste-tested and gave a thumbs up or down.

Most of the class took part, including our other Homeroom teacher Miss Segrave. Photos of the delicious cookies and biscuits were posted on a Teams page and all looked scrumptious.

The winner of the challenge was Deandra Fernando, followed by Mary Romanos and Lucy Thompson.

Deandra won the title with her vanilla and lemon zest cookies, which were shaped into small watermelon slices, scoring her a 10 out of 10 for presentation. The challenge was a great way for everybody to have fun, connect and learn new skills.

Karina Delgadillo

7 Reed

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