Year 7 Camp

Last week, our Year 7 students attended camp at Weekaway in Benloch. Students spent their time solidifying new friendships and challenging themselves with exciting activities including the possum glider, flying fox, canoeing, laser tag and yabbying. We thank all staff who gave up time from their families to attend and supervise the students.

Here's what some of our students had to say about their time on camp.

"Camp was a fun experience. We did lots of activities. The flying fox was heaps of fun but I was scared to do it at first. We did yabbying at night time and caught lots. We also saw a really big yabby (it was lobster sized) but we couldn’t catch it. I found canoeing to be a challenge and struggled with it, but I did the activity in the end and got through it." Grace, 7J

"It was fun attending camp because I tried new things and got out of my comfort zone. The possum glider, which a huge swing, was really fun and it felt like an aeroplane when you were pulled into the sky. The flying fox made us feel like we were in Mission Impossible and laser tag was by far the best activity." Oscar, 7C

"Camp was especially fun because we got to do a whole lot of different things we had never tried before. I know people in my class got out of their comfort zones but did really well. I can’t pick a favourite activity because almost all of them were super fun." Kayla, 7O

Emma van Wees and Brad Ryan

Year 7 Coordinators

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