World Mathematics Day

The College celebrated World Mathematics Day on 23 March with a competition inviting staff and students to recall the digits of the irrational number, π (pi).

Year 7 student Gabrielle Pilapil astounded the judges and her fellow competitors, reciting all 100 digits! Year 12 student Xavier Millan recited 81 digits while Year 11 student Charlot Tarabene and Year 9 student Basil Baiju both got 56.

More than 20 students recited at least 20 digits and won themselves a delicious meat pie or pastie.

There were many highlights on the day. One student sang out the numbers while another relished that their iPad password has been the first 20 digits for the past five years. There was also a little bit of sibling rivalry, with a brother and sister competing for who could get more digits.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Justin Farrugia

Mathematics Domain Leader

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