Term 1 Core Wellbeing Awards

Each term, three students from every year level are recognised for consistently displaying our Core Wellbeing Values of Empathy, Community and Endeavour.

The Term 1 awards were presented at our full school assembly last Thursday.

Empathy Award

The students who receive this award have earned it by supporting people, encouraging their peers, taking steps to check on and improve the wellbeing of others, actively considering the feelings of those around them, and generally being positive and upstanding members of their homeroom.

The Term 1 recipients are:

Year 7Koot Thuc
Year 8Alannah Trovato
Year 9 Emma Ortega
Year 10 Anabel Tarantino
Year 11Alicia Camilleri
Year 12Lachlan Caruana

Community Award

Community is at the core of all we do at CRC, with one of our overarching goals being to ensure that young people feel they are an important part of the bigger picture. The students who received this award in Term 1 have earned it by taking an active role in different facets of school life.

Many of them volunteered to help with school-run charity programs, took part in numerous Swimming Carnival events to help their house, offered their assistance to teachers whenever they saw an opportunity, and were generally the first to get involved in programs in and out of the classroom.

The Term 1 recipients are:

Year 7Olivia Gabriel
Year 8Julien Ferrer
Year 9Maribel Makkad
Year 10Mia Watkins
Year 11Georgina Bertsias
Year 12Siale Vaitohi

Endeavour Award

We celebrate academic achievements on many occasions throughout the school year, but the Endeavour Award is a little different. This award does not always consider the highest grades; instead, students are nominated for their effort, improvement, and tenacity.

The recipients of this award in Term 1 were nominated by their teachers and peers for their consistently strong and positive approach to continual improvement. They may already be at the top of their class but still push themselves, or perhaps there has been a clear change in attitude or achievement throughout the term.

The Term 1 recipients are:

Year 7Ned Lerm
Year 8 Mongboe Jerue
Year 9Olivia Tong
Year 10 Ryan Craig
Year 11 Clara Thour
Year 12Monique Wroblewski

Domestique Award

The Domestique Award is presented to a student who consistently demonstrates all three of our Core Wellbeing Values.

Domestique is a cycling term - the domestique is a rider who works for the benefit of his or her team and leader, rather than trying to win the race. For example, they give up their bike for the leader when theirs is broken or carry their teammates’ water.

The Term 1 recipients are:

Year 7 Keighden Esguerra
Year 9Sa Pilimai
Year 10Selena Touch
Year 11Madison Vella
Year 12 Heather Petelo Sauvao

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