College Motto

The College motto, adopted in the school's inaugural year in 1980, is an enduring reminder of the aims of its founders, that Christ be at the centre of the work of the school.

The year 1980 marked the 1500th anniversary of the death of St Benedict, founder of the Benedictine order and western monasticism.

The College's first Principal, Sr Helen Reed took inspiration from St Benedict for the College motto, In All Things Let God Be Glorified. The phrase, known to be Benedict’s own personal motto (taken from 1 Peter 4:11), was chosen to reflect the vision of the College.

The motto is central to Peter's teaching on how Christians should love each other. Peter urged people to offer hospitality without grumbling. Believers are to see all they have as gifts from God, available to be used for serving each other. In this verse, Peter widens the idea of those gifts beyond material things to include gifts of words and service.

These abilities to speak and serve are gifts of God's grace. Peter tells us to use them on God's behalf, with God's strength, and for God's glory. In other words, as a College our people are set apart for God's purposes and the College is fulfilling His will by serving those within our College and its broader community.

As a College when we speak words of encouragement to each other, we are delivering God's words. When we sacrifice time and energy to meet each other's needs, we are drawing from God's own strength. And whatever glory may come our way for these things then that glory goes right back to God.