FIRE Carrier Program

Catholic Regional College Melton became a FIRE Carrier School in 2019. FIRE stands for Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education.

The FIRE Carrier Project is a joint initiative of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Victoria and the Opening the Doors Foundation with the Sandhurst Catholic Education Office. It seeks to keep the Reconciliation flame alight in schools, educating the wider community about Reconciliation.

Our FIRE Carriers are elected annually, in the same way as other school representatives. Students and teachers plan initiatives and events to educate and inform our College community about Reconciliation, our shared history and culture. These include Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week activities. 

Our Reconciliation Covenant (est 2019)

We recognise the special place and culture of Aboriginal peoples within Australia. We acknowledge that Aboriginal peoples have been the caretakers of this Land for more than 60,000 years. We respect their spiritual connection to Mother Earth through the Dreaming.

An apology begins the healing process. Apology means understanding, a willingness to enter into the suffering. It implies a commitment to do more. 

The late Sir Ronald Wilson - Chair of the National Inquiry into the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families.

We understand that practical measures need to address the disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal people in education, health, employment, and general opportunity.

True Reconciliation requires national and local solutions achieved through positive and purposeful partnerships not just for today but for tomorrow. We work for Reconciliation, in partnership with those who believe that there can be an alternative to the present order.

"Reconciliation is an active pursuit – it’s about getting on with what’s needed and what we know to get the results we all want, and that’s a mixture of measures that target the body, the mind and the spirit.” - Mick Dodson, Australian of the Year, National Press Club address, 17 February 2009.