Studio Arts

VCE Studio Arts 2020

VCE Studio Arts introduces students to the role and practices of artists in society. Students develop an understanding of the way artists work in a range of cultures and periods of time, the artists’ perceptions, beliefs and actions and their relationship with the viewer.

Student research focuses on critical, reflective and creative thinking, the visual analysis of artworks and the investigation of how artists have interpreted sources of inspiration and influences in their art making. Students examine how artists develop their practice and have used materials, techniques and processes to create aesthetic qualities in artworks. They study how artists have developed style and explored their cultural identity in their artwork. Students use this knowledge to inform their own studio practice and to support art making. Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority VCE Studio Art Study Design

We proudly present to you the work of CRC Melton 2020 VCE Studio Arts students.

Note: All work is covered by copyright and cannot be used or reproduced by any third parties.


The Girl

Oil on canvas

The Girl is an acrylic on canvas painting consisting of a half body portrait of a dark skin girl. The face is left featureless as she goes unidentified, this is to show that beauty is subjective and that there is no fixed structure or definition of what beauty is. I was inspired by multiple artworks that depicted beauty, but I wanted to add my own subjective idea and incorporate black women, from the curly kinky 4c hair to the dark brown melanin of her skin. 

ABUI - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view



Diptych, oil on canvas

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better” - Frida Kahlo . Become your own reflection, free from society’s oppression and judgement. Connect with your inner self and look beyond the pessimistic aspects of life. 

STUDENT 1 - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view


When you identify and connect with your inner-self you blossom

Oil on Canvas

If only our eyes could see through an individual’s soul instead of their body, everyone's perspective of true beauty would be so different. This oil paint on canvas work is a painting which reflects upon an individual’s inner - self which mirrors one's beauty that blossoms. It also shows the correspondence between an individual’s identity and beauty that everyone withholds. This concept can be accommodated by the unknown individual which is seen to have emerged from the ocean as well as the use of the Japanese cherry blossoms displaying beauty that's everlasting.

ALANA - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view



Oil on Canvas

Much like a blooming lotus, a mother’s femininity gracefully radiates. The power within her feminine energy provides her with the ability to rise above muddy waters. She blossoms and bears the weight of a child; her nature is one that her children will forever admire. 

STUDENT 2 - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view






    Acrylic, fine liner on canvas

    Rebirth represents the various phases of life and beauty found from within. This three headed mythical creature sheds its skin with the symbolism of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. With each layer that sheds, new beauty is found from within, along with the use of the pyramid symbolising higher consciousness of strength and energy.


      Scratch Board

      Undercover is an artwork about uncovering to true beauty of mythical creatures from within. This creature in particular holds various body parts of animals which a considered to be both appealing and ugly, in order to further emphasise that difference and individuality is what makes everyone and every living thing unique and beautiful.

      STUDENT 3 - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view



      Fineliner and coloured pencils on paper

      Centaurus is a fineliner and coloured pencils on paper drawing as it communicates some sort of story about the relationships between humans and Centaurs. It will always be unknown to the viewers as the artist wants them to either think that the Centaur killed the knight for fun or if she had killed him for self-defence. The Centaur also represents the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, since Gianino thought that the two would pair up well due to the fact that the astrology’s symbol is a centaur archer. The drawing holds many symbolism for the audience to find and figure out what each of them means.

      GRAZIANA - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view


      Ascent | Descent

      Diptych, oil on canvas

      An exploration of the concept of the afterlife as a landscape containing representations of death from multiple cultures, to create a common image with a symbolic meaning. Consists of two paintings labelled "Ascent" and "Descent" presenting the more positive and negative aspects of differing afterlives respectively, sharing a common composition to represent that though they present differing landscapes, in some cultural contexts they are to be considered one and the same.

      MAREE - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view

      STUDENT 4

      The Wave

      Oil on Canvas

      This painting is symbolic of the forthcoming destruction of climate change. One night I was on Twitter just casually scrolling through my timeline, when I had come across a post that showed the time we had left until it was too late to stop climate change - 7 years. Around that time in Studio Arts, we were brainstorming themes, and so I went with climate change.

      STUDENT 4 - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view



      Oil on wood board

      STUDENT 5


      Modroc, acrylic paint, newspaper and wood sculpture

      This artwork shows the depiction of difference and beauty in individuals. The three similar sculptures show viewers that everyone is different but all still equal. My first sculpture is black with a white eye, my second sculpture is white with black eyes and my last sculpture is grey with colourful splats. I wanted my artwork to conclude that all shapes, colours and sizes are worth the same, the everyone is equal and present in beauty. 

      STUDENT 5 - 2020 VCE Folio - Click to view



      Oil, Ink, and collage on canvas

      This artwork shows the depiction of abuse amongst children, in my two artworks I demonstrated how both boys and girls can be affected by abuse and neglect. The two artworks for each influence a different perspective in gender roles and the language presented on the artworks are made to create a sense of awareness. In my artworks one is presented in black and white the other in colour, I used impasto medium as well as oil paint to create the artwork, newspaper was also included in the display of the language.