Product Design and Technology

VCE Product Design and Technology 2020

Product design is a response to changing needs and to improve quality of life by designing creative, innovative and sustainable products. Product design is enhanced through knowledge of social, technological, economic, historical, ethical, legal, environmental and cultural factors. These factors influence the aesthetics, form and function of products.

For VCE Product Design and Technology students assume the role of a designer-maker. In adopting this role, they develop and apply knowledge of factors that influence design and address the design factors relevant to their design situation. Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority VCE Product Design and Technology Study Design

We proudly present to you the work of CRC Melton 2020 VCE Product Design and Technology students.

Note: All work is covered by copyright and cannot be used or reproduced by any third parties.


The rich red brown colour of Jarrah and geometric shapes were used by Cooper to ensure that the wall mounted shelving unit drew attention to his product. The end user needed a product to improve the visual appeal of the entrance hall. The design enables the user to mix and match the shapes which adds to its appeal. Cooper came into school for four Thursdays during Distance Learning Mode (DLM) to ensure a high quality attractive product was made by the due date.


Too many shoes and no where to put them was the end user's problem. A unit with adjustable shelves met this need perfectly. The striking colour and grain pattern of Victorian Ash dominated the design and added to the visual appeal. Jackson came to school during DLM to ensure he met the deadline and finished his product.


The use of line, shape and pattern are evident in this cupboard that will be used to store and serve drinks from. Lachlan used the colour contrast of black handles and legs against the light coloured Victorian Ash to create a visually stunning product that could be used in a modern loungeroom. Lachlan put in additional time during DLM to come to school for four Thursdays thus ensuring the product was completed. Few Product Design and Technology students were able to finish a piece of furniture so it is a credit to our students that they put the extra time in.


A vanity unit made from Jarrah was designed by McAyla. This gorgeous deep red timber is native to Western Australia and was chosen to meet the end user's needs. It had to suit the environment it was made for. The shelves are designed to hold a wide variety of beauty products and the end user can comfortably sit at the unit whilst applying makeup. Domino joints were used to ensure a strong and durable product was completed. McAyla put in hours of extra time during DLM working at school to finish a functional and original product.


Oscar designed and made a storage unit out of beautiful Victorian Ash (gum tree) with perforated steel on the sides. The end user required it to hold a record player and records. This high quality product has well made domino joints that are as strong as the traditional mortise and tenon joints but the new technology made the joints faster and more accurate to complete. Oscar came in during the school holidays and every Thursday during DLM to ensure the product was finished to a high standard and looked visually attractive.