VCE 2020 Folio Exhibition

Welcome to the Catholic Regional College Melton VCE 2020 Folio Exhibition. 

Our presentation of artwork looks a little different this year, but I promise you the experience and quality of work will not disappoint. This year presented our students with some challenges but also with some great success.

One of the most significant difficulties our students faced this year was not being able to access equipment, materials or their teachers on site for a large part of the school year. Impressively our students showed resilience, resourcefulness and became much more independent. These are qualities that we hope to instill in our students every year, but we don’t always get to see it first-hand.

This year, our students relied on their families more than they usually would. I thank parents and guardians for supporting their child in their creative journey.

The work produced this year is everything I hoped it would be and in some cases, more than I could have expected. Students commented on the positive aspects of studying from home, like being able to work on their folios without having to stop or pack up at the end of a lesson. They were able to spend many more hours after school being creative as they did not have other obligations to pull them away.

Creativity has been a winner during distance learning and I encourage all our Year 12 students to pursue this into adulthood no matter what career path they choose to follow.

Congratulations to all our exhibiting students, you have done yourself, your teachers and Catholic Regional College Melton proud. Good luck in your future endeavours.

Amy Rowley - Arts Domain Leader

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