Student Education Support

In line with its vision statement, Catholic Regional College Melton recognises that all students have individual strengths and weaknesses. For some students who fall within the criteria for gifted learners, greater challenges in learning will be required. For others, whose day-to-day learning is influenced by the existence of one or more difficulties or weaknesses, additional support is needed.

The role of Student Support Services is to address the learning needs of any student facing individual challenges. The goal of the Student Support Services team is to work collaboratively with teaching staff to provide a learning setting that acknowledges and supports individual needs through focused and targeted teaching.

Support offered ranges from classroom assistance, small group work, strategies targeted to meet individual learning styles and areas requiring assistance.

Student Support includes staff who specialise in supporting students with physical and/or learning difficulties, reading strategies, strategies for students who speak English as a Second Language, supporting students from an Indigenous heritage and extending and challenging students academically.