Catholic Regional College Melton provides a comprehensive curriculum that caters for the individual needs of all students. The Australian Curriculum/Victorian Essential Learning (AUSVELS) is used as our curriculum framework from Year 7-10.  In 2014, we have implemented AUSVEL units in all the first iteration subjects in English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science.  We are currently completely the planning of the second iteration of the AUSVELS subjects.  There is a strong emphasis on achievement and all students are expected to complete a range of assessment tasks in order to demonstrate their learning.  The College offers an extensive range of VCE subjects and VCAL and some VET subjects.  Many aspects of the curriculum reflect the College’s highly developed sense of community.   The annual cabaret/dramatic performing arts productions provide an opportunity to showcase our students’ talents as performing artists to the broader community. 

Overall, the curriculum at CRC Melton aims to engage and extend our students in their learning in order to achieve their full potential, with an expectation of excellence always.

• To become independent, critical thinkers who enjoy and are able to direct their own learning.

• To develop a sense of self-worth through opportunities for success and achievement of their personal best.

• To be ready to embark upon VCE and life beyond with confidence.

In working towards this aim it is recommended that:

• Students be offered a broad, common Curriculum which provides them with the opportunity to discover what they enjoy and are good at, and to then select subjects which will allow them to build on their skills and talents. The inclusion of Vocational Educational and Training (VET) and VCE offerings increases students’ options.

• Students be exposed to an inclusive curriculum, which models and promotes justice through its structures and its content.

• Different teaching and learning styles be recognised and their use encouraged in order for students to be exposed to a wide range of teaching experiences.

• Within the 7-10 program, Years 7/8 and Years 9/10 be recognised as having different needs and requiring separate and distinct approaches in terms of Curriculum planning and structure.

• Students be encouraged and assisted to do their best, whatever their level of achievement. Policies are in place to ensure that work is handed in on time, and learning is not disrupted in the classroom.

• Good relationships between staff and students be recognised as essential for successful teaching and learning and for ensuring that teachers and students can feel confident they will be engaged in learning.

• Modern facilities are available at the College. These facilities include a well stocked Library, equipped Gymnasium, updated Computer Laboratories, a Chapel for the opportunity of Liturgical Celebrations, and a new Music/Multimedia facility.

Catering for Individual Needs

The College has developed a whole school approach to literacy designed to create individualised learning for students. Students who are more academically able are invited to attend our MASP (More Able Students Program).  This program aims to deepen student understanding and skills in areas such as problem solving, collaborative learning and creativity. The two curriculum areas targeted by MASP are Mathematics and Humanities.   In 2015 the MASP program will be extended in year 9 in the Enquiring Minds Project that all students in year 9 will participate in.  The MASP students will work collaboratively in their own group within this project. Students who have been identified as having additional needs in learning are assisted by the Student Support Group,  in the case of funded students, and by literacy and numeracy support in years 7 and 8.  A reading program is offered for Years 7 and 8 for students requiring additional support in reading comprehension within the literacy support time. 


The College is constantly updating its resources.   In 2014 the Trade Training Centre (Engineering) was opened and a Performing Arts Centre will be completed in October, with a year 9 learning centre due to start before the end of 2014.  As of 2015, all students will have their own ipads for their learning.  In the area of sports, we have modern artificial turf basketball, tennis and soccer facilities and new cricket oval. 

Assessment / Reporting

All reporting is online through our Parent Assess Module (PAM) with two major reports at the end of each semester and two interim reports at the end of terms 1 and 3.  The results of all assessment tasks can be monitored by parents and students as they are completed.  Reports are followed up by parent/student/teacher interviews twice a year. In addition, parents are free to contact the College at any time to arrange further interviews. 

PAM - Parent Access Module

PAM provides parents with a single login to access current information about their child / children currently at the College. PAM allows access to:
Timetable; Number of behavioural incidents; Attendance
Marks and comments for assessment items and homework items including due dates and overdue work
Mid-Semester and End-Semester reports
Parents also have access to: 
Daily notices for students; Up-coming events; Presentations for parents from information evenings; A range of links from our Intranet

How to use the Parent Access Module (PAM) How to use the Parent Access Module (PAM) (546 KB)

Religious Education

The Religious Education Program is central to the life of students, parents and teachers of Catholic Regional College Melton. Prayer is part of each morning in homeroom and reminds everyone daily how a community based on the Catholic Ethos should live each day modelled on ‘Christ like’ behaviour. Liturgies are celebrated at the College each week in the chapel.  There are many celebrations of the Eucharist throughout the year, including ‘Back to Parish’ on celebration day, the Opening of the School Year, Advent and Graduation Masses. All parents are welcome to attend and join in such important celebrations.  Priests of the local parishes are an integral part of our community, providing much of their time to our special celebrations and programs. The College holds a Reflection Day, generally off-campus, for each year level. This is an opportunity for our students to put their studies aside and focus on some of the significant issues in their lives such as family, relationships and their future. The College also takes this special opportunity to highlight aspects of the spiritual side of life for our youth within our Catholic ethos. The Reflection Day program culminates with an overnight 'Retreat' for our Year 12's early in their final year.