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Young Vagabond Workshops - Year 9

Last week CRC Melton was lucky enough to host the Young Vagabond and Westpac School Series Workshops after securing one of only ten places on offer in Victoria. The Young Vagabond School Workshops use interactive and creative facilitations to empower young people to think critically about how constructs of gender affect their lives. Their aim is to encourage participants to challenge existing ideas perpetuated through the media and other social systems and to gain confidence in developing improved understandings of what gender identity means to them. Students are also introduced to tools and resources that will strengthen their ability to choose their own path in this stage of their life. The following are student responses after attending the workshops:

The Young Vagabond session was very informative and enlightened all of us to see just how much gender stereotypes control today's world. We also learned about how we should not wear a mask so we can display who we really are. This helped us to acknowledge that we don't need to put on a fake  identity and to be ourselves wherever we go. Lastly, we also discovered that it's fine to be emotional and to not follow the stereotype or not be peer pressured to do anything that's against your will. We thank the Young Vagabond team for coming to our school and sharing their experiences in life to help us achieve what we most desire.

Emmanuel Nuer, Joshua Eagle, Shehan Tennakoon

The team did an excellent job in informing my peers and I of the problems and stresses we face in the modern world today. The workshops were entertaining and interactive, as the team got all students involved and allowed us to vent our opinions while also enforcing listening to others. It was extremely effective and I know myself and my peers will now think differently as we learnt new strategies to face the society we live in. On behalf of all the Year 9 students I would like to thank the Young Vagabond team for their time and for giving us the opportunity to learn in an enjoyable way. 
Charlee Keating

Elise Nowak
Assistant Year 9 Coordinator

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