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Year 9 Community Service to the Melton Food Bank

Josh Jenkins - I thought this experience was very different and I really enjoyed learning about it all.
Brock Willmott - It was a very eye opening experience and would love to do it again!
Luke - It was a good experience and I would do it again.
Bryanna Hickey- I really enjoyed learning about what goes on in the facility and it was nice to help out.
Shanae - It was good to learn about how the food bank operates.
Georgia- It was nice to see people giving their time to help less fortunate.
We had to divide up large bags of rice and packets of noodles so when everyone  came to get the food they needed there was enough for everyone. At the end we were talking to the volunteers and it was good to hear about how they run the food bank and the op shop next door which helps support the food bank with money. 

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