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Year 9 Calling Camp 2016

The Rite Journey ‘Calling’ & ‘Departure’ Camp is a time where students and parents acknowledge that the time has come for their son/daughter to move on from being just a ‘child’ and commence transitioning into young, responsible, accountable and resilient adults. As part of the Rite Journey Camp, we all acknowledged the role that parents have in raising young teenagers. 

The camp outline is as follows:
Rationale: ‘Calling’ students to begin the journey of transition from adolescents to adulthood  
‘The Calling’
Intent: The Calling is a ceremony in which the students are ‘called’ by their teachers on their journey
The ‘calling’ also involves acknowledgement of the end of childhood and a show of gratitude to those people who influenced the students through their childhood. 
The Departure
Intent: The essence of this ceremony is to receive the parents/s/care-givers blessing and support to work with their child during The Rite Journey throughout the year. 

This camp was also a great example of how people can put differences aside and work together to achieve an outcome. Students participated well in the different levels of challenges that were offered to them, being singing or dancing in a talent quest in front of peers, doing team challenges to earn the most points, letting go of issues and making a fresh start.  
It was extremely rewarding and encouraging to welcome parents for the dinner nights that were prepared by the students themselves. Students were welcoming and were able to have some quiet time with their parents to thank them for all that they have learnt so far in life. It was a good opportunity for parents to hear how grateful their children are of them and how they can continue being life-long mentors to their child. Students wrote gratitude letters to their parents as part of their reflective time whilst on camp. These letters were then handed to parents after our dinner. We thank parents for your support in this program.
Overall, a great team building camp that was much needed by students and parents. Well done to all who invested their time and effort into preparing and participating in the camp.
On behalf of the Rite Journey Team,
Karina Dunne
Year 9 Gadal Director

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