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Year 8 Camp 2014

Last week Year 8’s went on a two day adventure and took part in a surf camp at Anglesea. This adventure gave students the opportunity to complete different challenges by choice. We could learn how to surf, assist others in initiatives games and climb the 20 metre high ropes obstacle course.
The main highlight for me was learning to surf. It was my first experience and I was very nervous. As I dragged the board into the water, my nerves grew but I continued trying not to panic. Once I got on the board and rode my first wave, my nerves went away and unassisted I began my next wave, but face planted, getting a mouthful of salty water. Felt a surge of courage as I went deeper in the water, got on my board, paddled, caught the wave and surfed towards shore. Looking up noticing the teachers cheering me on, I felt proud and relieved. I’d finally ridden a wave and successfully stood up.
James Previti - 8 Reed


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