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Year 11 Reflection Day

Year 11 Reflection Day

Chris Doyle of Karis Ministries ran the Year 11 Reflection Day this year.  He said that he celebrated being alive and wanted students to appreciate how fortunate they are.  He showed them that to spend time on earth they needed to recognise and value the wisdom and advice they obtain from others, to assist them in the pursuit of having a meaningful life.  He showed students this through music, dance and comedy.   Miss L Grech 

On Tuesday the 2nd of September the Year 11 cohort took part in the annual reflection day, run by Chris Doyle of Karis Ministries in the new trade training Centre.  It was an extremely enjoyable day, filled with lots of  singing and dancing which encouraged students to step out of their comfort zone. All of the students enjoyed the energetic presence of Chris and everyone actively engaged in the range of activities throughout the day including small and large group discussions and personal reflection. The day provided students an opportunity to look back at their time at the College and to focus on how they have changed, grown and developed as  individuals.  All of the students took something positive out of the day and it allowed the cohort to refocus on what lies ahead. 
Kimberley Baulch Year 11 Media Captain

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