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Winter Sleepout 2015

On the 7th of August, CRC Melton held its second Winter Sleep Out. Having also participated  in the first year, I learnt a lot, the experience is always an eye opener. To sit outside in the cold, alone, for an hour really gets to you. For that moment, you experience merely a snippet of abandonment and dejection. I couldn't imagine feeling that way for months and even years, with no control over your situation. What's worse, is feeling that way and thinking that no one cares about you. We hear, but we don't really listen. We need to remember those in need as they deserve much better.

Sleeping on a hard floor with a blanket and a sleeping bag was uncomfortable and not pleasant, but unfortunately these are the realities for many people. Homelessness is a problem that can affect anyone. It makes you realise with gratitude how fortunate you really are. I'm glad that everyone's contributions to that night will make a  positive impact to lives of the homeless.

Ken Dumandan

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