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Whitten Project

During the last week of term Boden Mugridge and Maddi Rizzo graduated from the Whitten Project.  As a community we congratulate and acknowledge this wonderful achievement.  Boden and Maddi were great ambassadors for their families and CRC. Established by the Western  Bulldogs in 2013 The Whitten Project offers unique opportunities for young people to build confidence make new friendships and develop skills that will enable them to become future leaders in their community.

Boden:    It was a privilege to be selected out of the 300 applicants, it gave me more confidence in public speaking, enhanced leadership skills and a greater appreciation of what I've got. I highly recommended the program to other students. We heard from many inspirational sporting stars and public figures eg Luke Dalhaus, Jason McCartney. 

Maddi:   I feel a lot more confidant in taking on a leadership role, my self confidence increased and I feel more comfortable to do public speaking. It was a great opportunity that very few get, so give it a go. Geva Mentor was an inspirational speaker for me.


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