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VCE 2013 Awards Ceremony

VCE Commerce Awards 2013 

Jessica Attard - Business Management 
Kassandra Chin - Economics 
Harley Goss - Accounting
Kayte Howard - Legal Studies 
Travis Sheen - Business Management 

VET/VCAL Awards 2013

VET - Dominic Boratto
VCAL - Hayden Bensley

2013 DUX of the Subject: The student who attained the highest study score in their subject. 

Holly Azzopardi - Outdoor and Environmental Studies
Matthew Behan - Specialist Mathematics
Renata Blanco - Italian
Timothy Broadstock - English
Solange Camilleri – Geography, Italian and Maltese
Matthew Cheng - Chinese 
Anna Harrison - Further Mathematics and Religion & Society
Michael La Rose - Information Technology: Applications and Software Development
Celina Laurilla - English and Visual Communication Design
Annika Miesen - Physical Education
Laura Rofe - Health & Human Development
Joshua Seymour - Physics 
Kaitlyn Staindl - History: Revolutions, Legal Studies and Psychology
Joshua Tejedor - Business Management and Media
Corey Tewma - Outdoor and Environmental Studies
Courtney Watson - Food & Technology

High Achiever Study Score Award: Students who achieved a 40 or higher out of 50. This score places them in the top 10% of the State. 

Matthew Behan - Mathematical Methods
William Dao – Health and Human Development 
Jacob Dingli - Mathematical Methods
Garth Fernandez – Specialist Mathematics
Catherine Hannaford – Health and Human Development
Kate Jenkins – Biology and Psychology
Naomi Keenan – Health and Human Development and Psychology
Annika Miesen - Biology
Bryce Roberts -Further Mathematics
Joshua Seymour - Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics 
Meaghan Spiteri - Psychology
Alannah Sutherland - Human Health Development

High Achiever ATAR Award: Students who achieved an ATAR above 85. This puts them in the top 15% of students across the state.

Matthew Behan
Solange Camilleri
Kate Jenkins
Naomi Keenan
Celina Laurilla
Annika Miesen
Joshua Seymour
Kaitlyn Staindl

College Dux: 

Bryce Robinson who achieved an ATAR score of 99.7
Bryce also received the subject dux in Biology, Chemistry, Literature and Mathematical Methods.

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