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The National Young Leaders Day

“Master the Little” was the theme of the event run by Halogen Foundation on the 20th November, The National Young Leaders Day for student leaders around Victoria. The event included various inspirational speakers from all walks of life, who influenced our idea of leadership within not only CRC, but the wider community. 

The standouts of the conference were Jules Allen, the Youth Whisperer, and Daniel Flynn, the founder of ThankYou water, because of their honest approach to leadership, showing both resilience and strength through adversity. They both believed that “teamwork makes the dream work” and that it is important to value people rather then seeing them as something that needs to be fixed.

Through this conference we, as School Captains, look to become more innovative not just as one, but as a team. Most of all we learnt that “ no important decision should ever be made after lunch.”

Maddison Bassal and Jack Doyle
2016 College Captains

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