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Student Leadership 2016

Peer Support
During Term 1 the Year 10 Peer Support leaders have been coming into Year 7 classrooms for 30 mins every week to work on the skills of 'Behaving with Integrity', helping to create people of integrity and respect. Students have explored four specific values; respect, responsibility, inclusion and integrity.
The Peer Support program teaches the students involved, practical life skills that help both themselves and their friends through times of change and adversity and the program provides a fun, but thought provoking environment to address these issues.
The Peer Support Leaders will be continuing their time with the year seven’s, working with them in term 2 on the alternate program during premier league.

Student Representative Council Leaders
The SRC Executives are excited to announce the 2016 SRC Leaders.  These students have been selected by their peers and teachers to be one of four representatives for their house.  They will be working closely with the student leadership team, taking on responsibilities of communicating upcoming events to the student body; will be a part of the decision making process; and will participate in student voice forums.  Please note the Year 7 SRC leaders will be chosen in Term 2.
Reed              Year 8: Elena Taunu’u, Year 9:Dylan Hassan, Year 10: Bethany Pritchard
Fitzgerald       Year 8: Andrew Ling , Year 9: Megan Basselmans,  Year 10: Anhial Kot  
Glasheen         Year 8: Madlen Hill, Year 9: Liam Orr,  Year 10: Chloe Laurel
Daffey             Year 8: Liana Pace,  Year 9: Sadeepa Meemaduma, Year 10: Madalyn McGill 

Claudia Larsen - Vannata
SRC Executive


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