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St Patrick's day Mass 2016

Six Year 9 students, escorted by Mrs Dunne and Mrs Kro, attended a memorable St Patrick’s Day Mass in Melbourne alongside hundreds of other students representing Catholic schools across the State. The Mass was celebrated by the Most Reverend Denis J Hart, Archbishop of Melbourne. This year has been declared by Pope Francis as the Year of Mercy and this was the key theme of the Mass. The students and teachers in attendance all had to pledge together the following:
We commit ourselves to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ by working together in respect, love and peace, making God’s Kingdom a reality in the world. Today we re-commit ourselves to Catholic education and to caring for all those in our school community.
I believe that our representation at this Mass demonstrated our commitment to this pledge and with all of the opportunities made available to our Year 9s in the Gadal Learning Program, all students will learn the key values of respect, love and peace and caring for all those at CRC Melton. 

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