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One Punch Presentation

In February this year, I was watching an episode of 60 Minutes that shared the story of Michael McEwen, the victim of a 'coward's punch'. It gave an insight into the impact that such an event has on the victim's family and the medical staff that look after them. It made me think about how I would feel if this sort of tragedy effected my family. I emailed Mr Henneman and Mr Blackley  suggesting it as a video to be watched at a Year level  assembly throughout the year. Mr Blackley passed it on to Inspector Stephen Mutton, of the local police, who suggested that we jump on an educative opportunity. Once this became the case, the hope I had for the day was for it to influence at least one person, and impact their decision making to prevent a family and every one else effected from experiencing the heartache of this happening to their loved one. 
So, with the assistance of both  Mr Blackley and Inspector Mutton, we managed to gather the time and expertise of Ben O'Toole (assault victim and Education officer at Step Back Think), Megan Kelly  (ICU nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and  Co-ordinator of the P.A.R.T.Y Program), Charlie Bezzina (ex-Victoria Police detective and lead investigator into the death of Australian cricketer David Hookes), and Lois Foster and Anita Bowcock (alcohol and drug clinicians from Western Health). In preparation for the day, with the assistance of numerous teachers (particularly Mrs Griffin), I also put together a video to introduce the audience to the issue. 
The day was a success and I believe that each and every person who was present would have taken something out of the presentation.
I am extremely grateful for the support and assistance of Mr Blackley, Inspector Stephen Mutton, Senior Sergeant Glenn Schumann, and the enthusiasm and support of our special guests who gave up their time to present, as well as all of the other teachers who helped make the day possible.

Tegan Lafranchi 

On Thursday the 26th of June at 1:30pm-3:20pm  all Year 11s and 12s gathered in the Hall for a presentation called One Punch which was organised by Tegan Lafranchi.    Tegan took to the stage and told the story of Michael who was a victim of a one punch incident. 
Inspector Stephen Mutton who is from the Victoria Police stated how 531 people have been assaulted in Melton. Ben O'Toole an Education Officer who is from Step Back Think, is working to try and help people learn about what the consequences of throwing a punch are. He also showed a video on a teenager  who has severe brain damage due to a one punch situation. 

Megan Kelly an ICU Nurse P.A.R.T.Y Program Co-ordinator from the Royal Melbourne Hospital displayed confronting pictures and diagrams of what happens to the brain when you are hit and are unconscious. Charlie Bezzina ex-Victoria police detective told the students about David William Hookes (an Australian cricketer, broadcaster and coach of the Victorian cricket team) who died after being punched by a hotel bouncer outside a pub where he had been drinking with Victorian players following their victory in a match earlier in the day. The last two  speakers of the day were Lois Foster and Anita Bowcock,  Alcohol and Drug Clinicians from Western Health. They spoke to the students about when we  drink and take drugs we may think we are fine when really we aren't as the brain gets confused and is unable to negotiate simple actions. 

Stacey Pieper 

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