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Names of School Buildings

Clairvaux Building: (Year 7)
Building completed:
June 2012
Commemorates: St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153)

St Bernard, Doctor of the Church, was born of noble parentage in Burgundy, France. He studied Theology and Holy Scripture at University in nearby Chatillon. . After the death of his mother, fearing the temptations of the world, he resolved to embrace the newly established and austere institute of the Cistercian Order. Bernard founded a new monastery for the Cistercian Order at Claire Vallee in June,1115. Clair Vallee evolved into the title Clairvaux, and Bernard was well known throughout the ages as St Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux. The monastery was located 125 km east of Dijon in the North East of France. St. Bernard was eminently endowed with the gift of miracles. His Feast day is August 20

Osma Building: ( Year 10)

Building completed: September 2013
Commemorates: St Dominic of Osma (1170-1211)

St. Dominic was born at Calaruega, Spain and studied at the University at Palencia. He was ordained a Priest and was appointed Canon at Osma in 1199. He preached against heresy and after many struggles was approved by the Pope to found the Dominican order. Dominic spent many years of his ministry organizing the order, traveling all over Italy, Spain and France preaching and attracting new members and establishing new houses. The new order was phenomenally successful in conversion work as it applied Dominic's concept of harmonizing the intellectual life with popular needs. 
He was canonized in 1234 and is the Patron Saint of astronomers. 
His Feast day is Aug. 8.

Siena Building: (Year 11)

Building completed: November 2007
Commemorates: St Catherine of Sienna (1347-1380)

St. Catherine was born into a large Catholic family in northern Italy in 1347 – she was the 24th child. She became a Dominican tertiary student when she was 16, and continued to have visions of Christ, Mary, and the Saints. St. Catherine was one of the most brilliant theological minds of her day, although she never had any formal education. At a crucial time in Church history, she persuaded the Pope to go back to Rome from Avignon, in 1377. She is one of the two Patron Saints of Italy, together with St. Francis of Assisi.
St Catherine died in Rome, at the age of thirty-three, having suffered a stroke eight days earlier. Her Feast day is April 29.

Padua Building: (Year 12)
Building completed: August 2011
Commemorates: St Anthony of Padua (1195-1231)

Padua is 50 km west of Venice in Italy. There is perhaps no more loved and admired saint in the Catholic Church than Saint Anthony of Padua, a Doctor of the Church. He was born in Portugal, but most of his ministry was in Italy. He first joined the Augustinian Order and then left it and joined the Franciscan Order in 1221, when he was 26 years old. St. Anthony became a Franciscan in the hope of shedding his own blood and becoming a martyr like the Franciscan martyred in North Africa.. He is typically depicted with a book and the baby Jesus, to whom He miraculously appeared, and is commonly referred to today as the "finder of lost articles." Saint Anthony was canonized less than one year after his death. His Feast day is June 13.

Mary Glowrey Building: (Science & Year 11)
Building completed: April 2010
Commemorates: Dr Sr Mary Glowrey, Religious Sister and MD 1887-1957

Mary was born on June 23 1887 in the small township of Birregurra in Victoria. She studied Medicine at Melbourne University, graduating in 1910. She served as a Doctor, initially in NZ and then at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. She completed further study in obstetrics and gynecology in 1919. 
After reading of the appalling death rate amongst babies in India, she sailed to India in 1920. She became Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, the first nun- doctor missionary. Mary spent the rest of her life serving the medical and spiritual needs of the people of India. Mary founded the Catholic Health Association of India, one of the largest health care providers in the world.
Mary died in Bangalore on Sunday May 5, 1957. In March 2013, Mary was declared a Servant of God and is well on the way to becoming Australia’s second Saint.

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