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Melton Youth Week

On Saturday 5th of April at The Amphitheatre, along  High Street in Melton there was an interactive Music  festival called "Beatz on the Streets". This festival included vibrant energy and fun workshops which took place from 1.15pm to 4:45pm. There were also DJ's, dance performances, bands, singers and Youth Services info stalls. On the day CRC presented 4 performances, which were absolutely amazing and really showed off the talent that we have at our school. The first dance performance had a batman vs joker theme which told a story of battle and power through the 2 characters that were displayed. The second dance performance was themed "A Night at the Movies" where dancers dressed up as scary horror movie characters, dancing to songs such as Thriller by Michael Jackson and the last dance performed was a hip hop dance. After all the dances, CRC then finished it all off with two Year 12 students, Stacey Pieper and Halie McLaughlan performing 'Our Song' by Taylor Swift. The day was  a great opportunity for students to show off their talent to the wider community.
Stacey Pieper

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