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Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation Scholarship

It was a great pleasure to be present at our VCE Assembly last Friday to honour Annika Miesen, College Co Captain in 2013, who was presented with a MSRF Scholarship.
This Scholarship, valued at $15,000 per year  for three years, is one of four scholarships awarded this year. There were 150 applicants from across Australia.
Pete Ekstedt, MSRF Executive officer, in his presentation to the Assembly noted :
"Annika at 19 years of age already has an impressive list of community, sporting and academic accolades. 
Her leadership qualities, commitment to helping others and inspirational road to success has earned her great respect from CRC and the wider community.

Annika has a generous spirit and has always reached out to those in need. From mentoring younger students and raising funds for disadvantaged youth to travelling to Kenya to work at an education centre, she's always been the first to raise her hand to help others. Annika is a talented sportsperson across many disciplines, she umpires football and is an accomplished dance teacher- all the while producing impressive academic results. In April this year, she was presented with a Gorton Young Leaders Award in recognition for her contribution to the community,  volunteer work and efforts to help local causes.

Her passion for leadership and mentoring young people has now led her to study an Education Degree at Ballarat's Federation University."
Members of Annika's family were present at the Assembly including her father Paul, her siblings, Dominic and Evana, and grandparents, Patricia and Rodger Patterson.

Annika’s speech:

My first thank you goes to MacPherson Smith Rural Foundation. It is an inspiring foundation that does an incredible job for youth in rural Victoria. They are devoted to helping young people achieve their goals and dreams, giving them the opportunity to be the best they can be, whilst giving back to their communities. I had the pleasure to attend one of their Leadership programs recently and it was a fantastic experience. In one week, all of those who attended got so much out of the camp. Through the guidance from our mentors we were encouraged to expand our thinking, recognise our abilities as young rural leaders, and have a presence in our communities. I cannot thank the foundation enough for the opportunities they have given myself and other young people. I am so very honoured to have been awarded this scholarship and I encourage anyone who might be thinking of applying to do it, it is worth being part of such a great community.
Next I would like to thank all of you, Mr Sheehan and all of the teachers, you make this school what it is. This place has had such a unique culture. I believe that those who go to CRC leave with a great sense of community and belonging. Here, you are encouraged to be the best you can be, in and out of the classroom. And that mindset is invaluable when approaching all aspects of life. The school has had such an impact on many of the past students, when we say “I went to CRC” we do so in pride.
I just want to extend a quick thankyou to my family as well. I do feel very blessed to have the family I have. I hope they know how grateful I am, and how awesome they are.
People have asked me since leaving school “What advice would you give to current year 12’s”. Advice is so hard to give; is it subjective, based on your own experience. Those who asked me this question last year would have received a different answer to the one I'm going to give today. So, to the year 12’s, and year 11’s too, just make the most of it. Yes, set yourself a goal, big or small, and work towards it, put in the effort and you will get the reward, that is guaranteed. At the end of the day, if you work, you will get to where you want to be, and that’s what matters. When it all gets too much for you, just think about where you want to be at the end and keep going. Do your best, there’s nothing better.
School will be over very soon, you will be starting to write a new chapter in your life, and you will probably miss school, but if you use your time wisely here, you won’t be sad or regretful looking back, you’ll be happy, grateful that you were and always will be part of this wonderful place, and that’s how you should feel. Have fun, and keep that in mind.

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