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Ice Forum

Last Thursday evening over 200 people attended the ICE forum held here at the College. Year 12 student Stephanie Zacharias introduced the evening with her thoughts and messages, it was her idea that the College needed to be proactive in educating our community about the use and damage ICE is having. Without the support of Senior Sergeant Mark Guthrie the evening would not have been possible. It was through him we were able to assemble a most informative and knowledgeable panel. 

The audience heard from mother and daughter Mrs Tracey Clarke and Ms Ebony Clarke, Ambulance officer Trish Smith, Sergeant Andrew Tscockallos, Dr Alistair Stark and Psychologist Lauren Carter. Each provided an insight into their experience of dealing with ICE and importantly advice.  We also had representatives from Westcare Medical Centre, Djerriwarrh Health Services, Wyndham Private Clinic and City of Melton Youth Services present to provide information.   

One of the most important messages to come out of the evening was the importance of making good decisions. As schools and parents we can help our children and   students to make good decisions by informing them. Dr Stark also reminded the audience that the most destructive and harmful drug, particularly for young people, is alcohol. He asked the question what do we do as adults and parents to model good behaviour and educate young people regarding alcohol use.  

To provide ongoing support we are working  closely with Drug Health Service – Adolescent Community Programs to provide education, drug and alcohol counselling, assessment and referrals within our community. More information to come. 

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