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Dialogue in the Dark

On Wednesday August 16th, my Rite Journey group and I went into the city to experience Dialogue in the Dark. Dialogue in the Dark, in partnership with Guide Dogs Australia, is a simulated experience within a large space where we got to find out what it is like to be blind for an hour. Inside the space it was totally dark. Most of us were scared at first but in the end we all loved it. 

My experience was probably the same as others. I was so terrified to walk in because I thought I was going to bump into something. First we visited Birrarung Marr Park. We got to feel the trees and the surface changing underneath the canes we had. Then we visited the MCG. We could hear the crowd going wild in the stands. We went to the Victoria Market. We could smell the food around us. Next we went on a tram and could feel the vibrations through the seats. We went to our guide’s “apartment” and we had to try and find things around the room. We sat down on lounge chairs and talked to Kate, our guide, about her experience growing up blind and how she coped with her life without seeing. 

It was a beautiful experience and I would highly recommend it.

Jessica Swasbrick - 9 Mackillop

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