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Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition

On Wednesday the 17th of June, the Year 9-12 Italian students went on an excursion to Melbourne University to participate in the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition. Before the recital, everyone was nervously waiting and practising their selected poem, especially the Year 9    students as it was their first time participating. At 11:30am, we were called in by Italian section and Non Italian section to recite the poems in front of a judge. Everyone was pleasantly surprised as it was much easier than expected.  After everyone had finished we had free time and walked around Lygon Street with our friends to enjoy the Italian culture. It was a good   experience as it will help us with our Italian studies and public speaking.
Written by Harmonie Wegener, Dayna Govic and Ethan Trethowan  Year 9 Italian

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