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Cooper's Animal Shelter

Cooper’s Animal shelter
Last week’s community service was at Cooper’s Animal shelter in Bacchus Marsh run by Christine Gilmore. Rescued, orphaned and injured wildlife are taken in and cared for by Christine and her volunteers. James Mayne, Blake Caruana, Oscar Esposito, Dylan Seagrave, Tahlia Wheadon and Ebony Meredith of Year 9 spent approximately 1 hour helping her move some enclosures and doing general clean up duties. The best part was the time with the animals. Each student was able to hold, cuddle and play with some of the residents there. Here are their thoughts of the day. 
It was “sick as”. I would definitely do this again. The Kangaroos wanted to get close to me and the wombats wanted to jump in my lap. Without doubt, I recommend this to anyone. Blake Caruana
It was amazing! A great time down at Christine’s animal shelter. Coming in contact with wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and possums. I experienced something so amazing – holding baby wombats and kangaroos that would still normally be in their mother’s pouches. I will definitely do this again in my own time. Tahlia Wheadon
I had a great experience. Working with kangaroos, wombats, wallabies and possums is something I won’t forget. I would definitely come back to work with the animals and I recommend trying it out yourself as well. Ebony Meredith
We had a really fun time, we especially enjoyed the wombats as they were very tiny and cute. The Kangaroos were very cool. They kept wanting to have little fights with each other. James, Oscar and Dylan

By helping out such a charity it leaves more time for the volunteers to spend a lot more time with the animals. The cages were donated by people in the local area.  Cooper’s animal shelter is operated as a charity. They are able to provide care for wildlife through the kind donations of time and gifts from other animal lovers. If you love animals and have time to spare, I know they would love to hear from you.  
Margaret Rowe-Watts

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