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Chapel Mural

The wall of the Chapel has been used to create a large piece of artwork that will serve as a background for our Lone Pine Memorial. Our Year 10 Art students along with our Artist in Residence Christine Sage, collaborated to produce the artwork. It is a fantastic addition to CRC Melton's growing outdoor art  exhibition.

Outlined below is the inspiration for the artwork:

As children we sometimes lay on our backs and stare up at the sky, looking through the trees. It is one of the most magical experiences and connects us with the heavens above. It lifts our spirits and at the same time makes us feel small in our great universe. It makes us wonder and ask questions. We extend this to the night sky with the stars and reflections in the pods of water. It is also perhaps the last view for the fallen soldier as they lay wounded on the battle field, reconnecting them to their childhood and of humbler days spent  laying in the grass looking up at the sky. 

Amy Rowley
Head of Art

I learnt how to paint, never painted before.
I learnt how to use depths in a piece of art and a different perspective of an image, blending paints and how to use textures to enhance elements of the painting.
I loved working towards a large outcome/project, I loved the overall experience of an artist coming in and teaching us a little on how to use paint correctly to create a beautiful art piece.
In the end, I am elated with the end product and how I contributed.
Taylor Cikora 

Working on this art piece opened my eyes to the different types of ways to apply paint to artwork.
Having Chris, Regina and Meghan and staff was a big help and a big confidence boost while we worked on the artwork.
Teamwork was really visible during the days of working, which was really good to see.
Learning how to blend artwork was amazing to l earn
It has really opened my eyes to carry out art in the future.
All up, this experience was amazing and I am honoured to have been a part of it.
Brittany Jakeman

During the two days we spent making the Mural I learnt how to blend colours and scrumble.  While painting the Mural I felt great and by the end of the mural you could see that our class worked amazing together producing an awesome finished product.

William Di Mieri

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