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Celebration Day 2015

Last Tuesday, CRC enjoyed its annual Celebration Day. Students began the day with  Mass at their parishes, then travelled to school for a day of activities and events. There was a carnival atmosphere through the presence of jumping castles and rides, and delicious snacks as well as our yearly talent show and a line up of other contests. 

A relatively new and important part of our celebration day tradition is the presence of community based charities and organisations to help inform students about not only how they can be assisted when in need, but how they can give back to their community and help others. Money raised throughout the day will be donated to Br Beausang in Kenya, McAuley Community Services and Orygen Youth Health in an effort to assist those who are in need.

The day was considered a success as we have raised $9,300 for our chosen organisations and we all enjoyed a well earned day of relaxation and fun for all. 

Corey Vella
Deputy Media Leader

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