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Archbishop's Conversation with Student Leaders 2017

On Thursday the 2nd of February, 4 student leaders along with Ms. Nowak represented our school at the annual Archbishop's conversation. At this event, many leaders from many schools all over Melbourne attended, it was great to see such diversity and leadership of Melbourne in one place, all with the same goal, to learn more not only about our faith, but about leadership too. The main focus for this year's conversation was 'courage'. Archbishop Denis Hart started  the day by giving his own speech, he incorporated how he had to have courage in his own life and journey. The main point he put across was to be courageous in our own faith and to trust that the truth will set us free and lead us to the goal we set out to achieve. A great speaker, Roby Curtis openly shared his journey and how he got to where he is today.  He spoke about how every one should be honest to not only others, but to themselves as well. A quote that really stood out was, "The truth is like a lion, once it is released, it will defend it's self". After these inspiring talks, we were put into groups and had the chance to discuss all this with other fellow leaders, some new faces and complete strangers and other familiar faces who it was amazing to see again. During these discussions, we found that we're not the only ones going through particular difficulties as a leader, many traits were shared and many more views were found to be in common too. We were fortunate enough to have a photo with His Grace, and also a great selfie! Overall, the day was an amazing experience for Fernando, Athyang, Luke and myself. We learnt a lot about qualities of a leader and what we should and can show in our school. Also a big thankyou to Miss Nowak who drove us to and from the conference. 

Anakin Anderson
Liturgy Captain 

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